Coffee Diary 2/5/22


Hey Exanimates,

As you may know from previous diaries, we recently did a big overhaul of the weapon system to support many improvements and new features, with the future in mind as well as the present. We are trying to move on from further improvements to combat, but there are some fundamental improvements here that felt too important with so much of the groundwork now in place.

The key improvement here is more precise and detailed behaviour for weapons when it comes to dealing damage, but also doing other things. The different parts of a weapon are now modelled much more accurately, rather than just having some general stats attached to some point on the weapon we can give precise parts of a weapon specific behaviours, which allows all sorts of more realistic and satisfying effects and can support new gameplay elements. Some weapons like polearms may feel less forgiving in the way they deal damage, but more consistent and realistic. There's also new sound feedback for collisions of hafts (of different types) or other parts of the weapon, which adds some nice variety and realism to the sound. Different hafts also have their own damage dealing properties, adding their own value to the weapon.

Slashing damage is also finally being reworked, with hewing and cutting mechanics for different impacts and weapon types. This combined with some other changes will make axes particularly devastating if somewhat more difficult to use, and bring various other changes that we'll need lots of feedback on. Remise is also receiving some initial changes and should already feel more consistent, but with possibly more involved ones to come.

We're still working through some of these changes that need to be tested and tweaked a little as we do them, and configuring the thousands of weapon components with these new properties, but with the mechanics in place it shouldn't take much longer.

Moving on from combat, we've got a huge number of changes planned for story, beyond some of the big ones you're probably aware of, which should add a lot of replayability and fun. This would be a huge info dump, so maybe we can tackle it in future diaries.
Have a great week!

-the BM team


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