Coffee Diary 27/9/21


Hey Exanimates,

Right now we're focusing fully on wrapping up the update for the main branch. Tournaments are the final feature for the new arena, but there are a few things that need to be properly completed.

We finally updated all the remaining user interfaces to the new style. The settings screen and the character creation and continue screens for various game modes are done, which are the most complex interfaces and required various new UI assets and mechanics. This includes a newly implemented global XP system, the continue screen allows re-assigning global XP to different skills and unlearning skills, which with shared XP pools and cost dependencies gets surprisingly complex and was prone to errors and exploits. All this puts a wrap on the user interface overhaul.

We've been going through various other outstanding issues and bug reports and we did a number of important fixes for both arena and story. Also some fixes and tweaks for the new combat AI. We have a few more procedural weapons ready, very few remain now to cover every important weapon in arena, having already covered more than we thought we would initially. We will gradually be adding more weapons that have not appeared in the game yet.

And so we're left with just tournaments and the arena content additions. Tournaments have a lot of potential to support and add value to new features, but for now we're going to keep things quite simple so we can finally update the main branch. The core elements are there, and we have a good foundation to keep improving the arena mode.

There should be a small update this week with completed user interface, lots of fixes and some new proc weapons so we can continue testing as we try to wrap things up.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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