Coffee Diary 29/3/21


On the subject of getting a better view of your character/gear, you should free up the camera more, I would love to get a lower angle and zoom in more. It could be useful for certain combat scenarios and it would be very aesthetically pleasing to be able to get in nice and low to see all my epic gear and my zombie homies
Ey, how about a "place holder" for switching out weapons in the current system be a first person view to holding up the weapon? That way first person(Zelda style free look) gets some coding practice into the beta. Cheers fellas!
Oh, and a quick idea about the transition between cameras. A blurring fade to black and fade-in to first person, and the same back to third would probably be easiest on the eyes.
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This has been a weird coffee diary.
For the record I think the Exanima weapon proportions are all pretty good. If we're going to get anal and compare the Exanima swords to museum pieces and testimonials by weapon experts, it's good to keep in mind that museum pieces are all surviving pieces. There could be many other different variations of swords that are proportioned slightly but did not survive the passage of time.

Also if we assume that the swords are slightly off proportioned keep in mind this is a 3rd person game with an aerial view, if a sword component is slightly too big, it might be for visibility purposes.

So basically I would agree that criticizing the weapons of the game for being slightly too big or too small in some places is kind of pointless especially when Madoc has said they are still being worked on. That's assuming the swords are even incorrectly proportioned, I really don't think they are.


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