Coffee Diary 30/8/21


Hey Exanimates,

We've had a productive week with the new beta release which people seem to be really enjoying, followed by many important bug fixes for the new arena mode and the game in general. We mentioned last week that we'd like to make some improvements to combat AI to make the new matches more fun and engaging, and this seems especially important for the tournaments, where significant prizes are involved.

The last few days we've been working on the AI, we're building a framework for the tactics system, but before we start really introducing tactics we wanted to establish a better baseline. Right now the AI has some very exploitable behaviours that we're tying to fix. We've tested a couple of early builds with Insiders, but we've had some important breakthroughs since, things look quite promising.

The tactics system is something we came up with to make the AI less predictable and to give it more personality. The idea is that every NPC has a repertoire of different tactical behaviours and actions (e.g. different positioning, feints) that they alternate between and use in combat. Every time an NPC gains a skill they also gain a tactic, growing their repertoire and developing their own unique fighting style.

We've got a few more procedural weapons almost ready to go and we'd like to test out some AI improvements so we'll likely update the beta again very soon.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
Some of the more elite enemies' behaviors make sense to me now! I see now why they behave so dramatically differently than the lower rank or earlier enemies. What a unique approach to AI! Thanks for the insight, Zetheros!


I'm really excited to see Derrin learn the new tactics as he gains experience throughout the dungeon. That will be awesome to see him not only gain new skills, but actual tactical prowess over the enemy!


To be fair, unknown is far more OP than proctor, atleast after portal. So if anything remove Derrin from them and add them to villagers who are now just useless.
I feel like this would make sense if they made villager the starting class and made unknown something you unlock by reaching the portal or something. I do agree Unknown having both thaum and Derrin is maybe OP


after updating to latest beta my AV flagged and deleted game's .exe, marking it as "AdWare.Win32.DealPly.gen", what the hell you stuff in that update? ads? selling user data on a side?


after updating to latest beta my AV flagged and deleted game's .exe, marking it as "AdWare.Win32.DealPly.gen", what the hell you stuff in that update? ads? selling user data on a side?
That's slightly concerning, to say the least. I hope it's just a false alarm. EDIT: looked around a bit, it's most likely a false alarm.


Proctor is already OP, it's a balancing mechanic
Having or not having Derrin isn’t really a balancing mechanic; I believe he’ll be in the game with all starting backgrounds with unique dialogue for each. A few more systems and features need to be worked on until then is all.


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