Coffee Diary 4/7/22


Hey Exanimates,

Last week we cautiously talked about improvements to combat movement, we weren't sure yet how much of it would really work in practice or how well. We managed to get the key changes working very well indeed, they've been in the testing branch for a few days, the feedback has been extremely positive and no issues have been found, though we've already made some improvements.

Previously movement was limited to a 1-2 step pattern and a return to default stance before a new movement can be performed, the new system allows you to change or reverse direction at any point, keep moving without delay and offers better granularity for distance travelled. This makes for fluid, accurate and responsive movement, with big implications for the dynamics and pace of combat. It's also just a lot fun. To support this there were some foundational changes to footwork, which improve character balance and allow more daring manoeuvres.

This is a big change that really affects how you play and what you can do. You can dash forward to attack and still reactively dodge as you do so, you can change your angle of attack and generally reposition yourself very rapidly. The lengthy commitment to one movement that could be frustrating for players and easily exploitable against AI is no longer a thing. We are still working on the AI using the new system and generally have yet to realise all the implications, but it all sounds great and we're absolutely loving it so far.

With the AI changes complete we'll be ready to take all this to main branch, even the release notes are ready. This slight detour was absolutely worth it, we're glad we finally managed to make this change which we've been wanting for years now and that it was this successful.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
that could possibly result in a shield dash skill trait or a running spear thrust.

to activate you simply enter combat. and run while pushing e.

i don't remmember if the thrust key was q or e.

the whole purpose is either knocking down or impaling the enemy.


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