Coffee Diary 5/7/21


Hey Exanimates,

This week has been mostly about combat mechanics. With the procedural weapon system now virtually complete and supporting more detailed weapon information and new mechanics, we need to look a the whole picture to take advantage of it all.

We're trying to get the grip change mechanics fully implemented, focusing on weapons that can be used in one or two hands. This is the the most complex case as it throws a spanner in how the inventory works, not only changing grips, but also allowing items in the off-hand with a one handed grip for the same weapon, affecting weapon swaps and all sorts.

We've also been taking a very thorough look at damage and related mechanics as there's quite a few things that we want to improve and revise. You've probably heard us say we want to rework slash, we want something more realistic and dependable. We are looking at modelling cutting and hewing independently, to better model weapons ranging from swords to axes. This also ties into changes to remise, and how different strikes or weapons can result in grippier impacts or ones that follow through or glance off to remise. Impact mechanics are generally being reviewed, with alternate grips for the same weapon also being a factor.

A related issue with slash damage, the upcoming batch of new axe weapons and wielding some larger weapons in one hand is edge alignment. This was an existing problem when perform really big wound up swings, made worse by larger weapons. We now added a new layer of animation behaviour to correct edge alignment as you swing. This was quite difficult to do, but while you can still throw edge alignment somewhat off by spinning wildly as you swing, it is definitely a big improvement.

Axes are just about done now, with poleaxes in there too. Next we're looking at greatswords and some other pole arm types.

There's some gears moving in other directions too, so we've been trying to finalise the force thaumaturgy tree, figuring out which powers will actually make the cut and how the tree is structured. But more on that later.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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