Coffee Diary 7/2/22


Hey Exanimates,

We received our Steam Deck dev kit a few days ago and have been adding full controller support and a number of general quality of life improvements. The performance we're getting on this tiny handheld PC is impressive, it runs the game on high settings and medium supersampling at ~150 fps, which means it's actually rendering 600 frames a second, all while staying cool and composed. The game is certainly well optimised, but it does some pretty advanced rendering with fully dynamic lighting, shadows and global illumination; the performance really exceeded our expectations. It looks phenomenal.

We are also working on more core gameplay improvements. We've made some improvements to how characters negotiate obstacles on the ground, we've greatly improved greatsword handling and also allowed characters to control the height of swings. This is something we eventually want to make into a new close combat skills for targeting horizontal attacks, but for the time being it does a lot to mitigate swinging over heads or into the ground. Combined with the recent additions of edge alignment correction and overhead alignment characters now have very complete control over weapons.

If you're one of those w... wizards that already plays Exanima on a controller or you're curious to try it out then good news, you should see proper controller support on the beta branch in the next few days. We're adding bindings for everything, new control methods and interface mechanics and even some selection thresholding for UI controls, item icons, and in world objects. This is great for controller and touch screens, but the latter is something we've been wanting to do even for the mouse so you don't need to be pixel perfect when trying to click on small objects like keys or levers.

Our aim for now is to allow you to do everything in the game without needing to take your hands off the controller, and to make basic controls work well. There's a lot more we can then do to make things like specific interface interactions more streamlined. Exanima's controls and interface were not designed with controllers in mind, so we've had to think outside the box, but that's when interesting things happen. Either way let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Something else that was on our to do list and got prioritised is a quick use power binding. You will now be able to select a power to use with a single key press and no bar. It wasn't really needed with mind, but will be useful with force and other domains that are bit more combat focused.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Please prioritize the ability to rebind the default controls configuration! If you don't support this from the beginning it is very hard to add in later. So important for usability and accessibility.
Controller support in Examina! Never thought I'd live to see the day!

In all seriousness though, I've been following the development for a long time but have only played a little of the game because I suck with keyboard and mouse controls. And I mean for gaming in general, not specifically Examina.

Looking forward to trying these new controls


I wonder if I can play sui generis before I become an old man? :rolleyes:
Exanima kind of is Sui Generis in a sense, and development seems to be going at a very solid rate. Although it will take years, I have full faith in Bare Mettle delivering Sui Generis once Exanima is done. The best part is that Exanima's completion will have a great many features that can be directly translated into Sui Generis from the get-go!
Just wanted to pop in to say I am absolutely loving the new outside arenas to play in. they're so beautiful and give you the sense that there is things just beyond that you cant see. they really feel lived in. (in a sense) LOVING all the new weapons models and stuff. love the new lighting system and the frame rates. Jealous of the dedication you guys can provide to something you genuinely love.


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