Coffee Diary 8/11/21


Hey Exanimates,

Today Madoc's life returns to relative normality and we should be able to wrap up this beta update soon.

Something we've been trying to complete for this testing release, but we might just add in another smaller update shortly after, is a new expanded management screen to support some new and future features. This includes a daily company report, results, information about earnings and costs, when the tournament starts and just any events. In future this would include things like travelling merchants and caravans. This would also bring the introduction of upkeep, having to pay wages to your roster, and a choice for how many matches to participate in a day, balancing costs against earnings and the passage of time.

There's been a few general improvements and fixes, as well as finally the reintroduction of facial hair. The beards look a lot better, and this is now designed to easily support more styles, with short ones being easy to add, while also providing a good graphical blending layer for eventual longer beards.

As this update is nearly complete and we're not developing or designing anything new for it, our attention has been directed towards what will come after it. There's a lot here, but rather than major development goals they are small but important gameplay and quality of life improvements. We want to add the remaining skills, complete the thaumaturgy mechanics, various additions and improvements to combat, and lots of other mechanics to enrich and enhance build diversity and gameplay.
That's it for now, hopefully you'll hear from us again very shortly with some release notes.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


When playing the Arena mode, I've always viewed "myself" as the fighters I played. With the new management features being promised, it seems like I might view the manager as the player character. That's an unexpected twist for me.


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