Development Update #2


That is only for those with access to the development vidoes, it isn't public. If you pledged £30 or £60+ you should have an email showing you how to access the videos.

I threw down $40, and I haven't received an email on how to access the videos :(

EDIT: Just noticed that I landed right in between the videos. How sad.


i didnt pledge that much, but it would be nice if we got a dev update every now and then through Kickstarter... last update was on May 26th


It was stated that a public update/video is expected to be coming soon.

I do think that the Kickstarter updates are few and far between. There should have even been one for each of the Private Videos to let people know the project is moving forward even if they can't see the videos.


Development Video #3... I wish to see it. :rolleyes:
I tried clicking it once, then again... Then.. Again.. Ehh.. And then everything got kinda blurry... :I

Anyways my point is that I am so eagerly anticipating this I'm starting to imagine things :-I
Please give some sort of statement, I need some eye candy just as much as I need to breath o_O


Woah! I really wanted to read something like that; finally found it.

I pictured something much more superficial when you were saying dynamic story. I have no idea about how you are going to accomplish all of it, if I'm getting it right, it's extremly complex. All I can do is believe in you BM!
IMHO, this is revolutionary.


I must say I have high hopes for this "interactive dialogue" but I will be honest and say that I have no idea how the actual dialogue will work, even when I read and re-read the information provided.

Can you "type" what you want in a "chat box"? Or al'a Dark Souls? Putting single words in sequence to form them into a sentence? Possibly with an option to save the whole sentence into your "dialogue list", so you wouldn't have to "put (same) words together" again? Or am I reading too much into this and will we get the usual dialogue box with pre-determined list of dialogue options a'la Planescape: Torment with the actual difference being how NPCs will react? Can we scream for help in the middle of nowhere or will we need someone to talk to in order to "bring up" the text box?


We will know, soon(ish). :p
The most intresting part about it is that since the story will be dynamic and interactive, I suppose that the PC and NPCs will interact and talk to each other based on their behaviour and what they have experienced, which means that NPCs will probably not have a predefined list of sentences, but something much more complex.
I doubt that it will be based on keyboard input; I imagine it more like a huge list of combinations that unlock as we discover the world and interact with it.

Although, this is just speculation.


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