Evilness... Will there be ?


Madoc have mentioned before that we would see a lot of various emotions in our travels. These shouldn't be always good things of corpse so there also has to be the black part of situations needless to say.

Though I remember Madoc have said a line about "evilness" but just couldn't find that post, beside i'm curios about what's on baremettle' mind to put instead of evilness incase there will be something else. Althoıugh it would be depending on how you define 'evilness' in your mind

(bearing a grudge, iconoclasm, blasphemy and such extreme things maybe ?)

Hope we would get a reply to that, thanks !
As long as we do not have arbitrary meters for it like the Fallout series I am good.

Also, only things like murdering tons of people and such should make the player 'evil.' It gets annoying where if you try to make your character human; Ala not a white knight, you are considered the spawn of Satan.


Generic good vs evil is not something I'd like to see in this game. People are more complex than that. The Witcher games did this well. Shades of gray are more interesting than oversimplifying the game as black vs white. I want a game that actually makes me think. It should not be obvious whether or not someone is good, evil or something in-between. I want characters with depth and complexity!


Just conflict, with many different sides to the story. Some (all?) of which may be made up, or twisted versions of the truth. That's the feeling I'm getting from Bare Mettle anyway

Tony Dye

One of the hallmarks of Abercrombie's series is the ambiguity of 'evil' and the subversion of the fantasy idea of the binary good / evil choice. I hope to carry that through the dialog. In general, nothing will be as simple and straightforward as that. We're looking to offer you freedom of choice, and enforce the consequences upon you and the world. Whether you choose actions that you consider "evil" is really not something we're looking to draw a big red circle around and start labeling. Horns will not grow from your head after you've stabbed the requisite number of innocent NPCs, is what I'm saying. :)


So then, whilst the demon is desperately trying to climb out of her mouth, you can put the maiden/demon onto a catapult, fire them at a wall... splat... and then harvest the blood, drink it, and then you get your horns. All good. :D


The wall will be unstable though, and will fall over, and demons burn when they die so the wall will be on fire as well. You need a bucket of angel spray to get rid of the grease and lime scale.
I think they well build allot of evil around us , of course we are the heroes and the adventures around SUI Generis < I Hope I spelll this wright!!.>
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Rather than a Good vs Evil system how about Respect Vs Fear.
If you've rescued enough princesses and defended enough travelers you get respect. If you ride an undead horse and are a known casual genocider or necromancer people will fear you.
All players definitely shouldn't be treated equal though.


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