Exanima 0.4.1 Released and Greenlight Progress


It was mentioned in the update thread that if you're on then the new patch would invalidate your progress. @Arborus
reply i'm not mad or anything just wondering :D. i'm in the mids of a test term at university so i wondered if i could just not update it at first and then install next update and start where i left off.


Oh right sorry I didn't notice the part about waiting for the next one :confused: I'm guessing it probably would still invalidate it but you should wait for madoc to reply on that. Good luck for your exams!



I had this visual bug after dragging the dead opponent around a bit. It seems the body got stuck in the shield so that when I equipped the shield some part of the arm is now stretched incredibly long.
That poor dead soul is so abused! ;-)
So, like the earlier builds of the game I find myself constantly yelling at the avatar to turn around and face the right direction. I'm now getting spun around like crazy. I'm Lucky if I can make it past the 3rd guy on Novice. I was getting pretty far in Expert in the last few builds.

I don't know how many blows I've seen that should not by any means have landed or gotten through my defenses. I mean yeah, many other ones I can see for sure; I just messed up, no problem there. But there are way too many blows landing that just don't make any sense.

I'd record it and and mic myself talking about it; but I don't have a mic or any proper recording software setup.

It seems trying to swing my weapon with the mouse and move in the direction I wish to travel has, in the build, become almost impossible. I keep ending up flying way off course when I didn't have such an issue before. It was minor, and now is extreme. Like I want to move in toward my foe while swinging my mouse and end up going way left or way right instead, following the reticle; and then of course I'm facing the wrong direction.

I've had to stop moving and swinging my attacks at the same time if I want predictable control over my avatar. I've given up in this build with doing anything fancy. Trying to defend or parry with the shield has got way more difficult it seems. I primarily use sword and shield, and always felt it to be reasonably trustworthy. Not atm however.
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If you're turning in circles you're probably placing the cursor too close to your character. If the cursor passes through your character, they'll end up turning to follow it. Put the cursor over your opponent or a bit beyond them.
Thank you Downstairs but I know the rules of the game, been doing this for sometime now. That isn't what I'm doing. After further play it seems to me that the avatar is just more easily flung around than the previous build of 0.4.2. Limbs are easily entangled again like in the super early builds. It is almost like the character mass setting has been lowered. Attack speeds do seem quicker. Often time the A.I. is able to swing and land blows when they shouldn't be able and were not able to before 4.3. I really do need to start recording so I can show what I am talking about. 4.3 was a huge change to the underlying structure of the combat I know and a lot will probably have to be ironed out. I'm just reporting my experience so that note can be taken. And to see if anyone else is experiencing the same things I am noticing since the major change.


The devs are aware of more issues with the latest version (such as the character stumbling a bit after a lunge) so a new hotfix will be released soon.


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