Exanima's problems and why I love them (rant)

Exanima has many issues one of the most talked-about is the long development time, I feel like the development time has a purpose, lately, most games and especially early access games come with updates that don't have any purpose, Bare-mettle puts purpose into every update there are no updates solely for making it seem like there is progress, the progress can be hard to see since a lot of the progress is focused more on the technical aspects that make newer and better things possible. Another common complaint is the not player-friendly game-play, most new players expect rooms that serve the sole purpose of giving them loot or presenting them with a challenge, with a little bit of world-building sprinkled on top, the rooms in Exanima's "dungeon" feels like a place that people worked and lived in, not every corner hides a piece of gear or a monster, the world Bare-mettle built doesn't care for the player it doesn't place markers to tell you where to go, it doesn't shove a linear path in your face with set encounters and rooms to be explored, it lets you explore and complete whatever task you set for yourself. Exanima's difficulty is a common complaint as well, most things that people want for easier game-play would destroy the difficulty and meaning of winning and losing. a game can never appeal to everyone while also being equally good for everyone some group will get less and some will get more, but since games are meant to make money companies almost always favor accessibility over quality, I enjoy games that don't target a wide audience for maximum income, most of my favorites are just people making what they wanted to play. Though Exanima does have some actual problems, in my opinion, the first 3 levels are a pretty poor introduction to the game, and I would also love to see faster development even if I know the devs are working their asses off for their dream game.


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