Funny or Ridiculous way to die...


I thought my most ignoble death would remain being beaten to death with a bedpan. The world is often full of suprises though. Brimming with confidence in my new-found armor, I was attacked by a not-so-gentleman wielding a crutch. Boldy did I leap into the fray! Heavily injured, the rascal turns and flees. What is there to do but pursue! As I turn the corner into the hall, I see my quarry as encountered a dilemma. It seems the end of his crutch has caught upon a cart. In the face of the fearsome foe pursuing, he could not abandon his weapon but turning to fight was more than he could bear to face. Taking immediate advantage of this situation, I hastened to strike a blow. Between the weight of my swing and the constant pulling of my adversary, the cart itself gave way! Unprepared for this rather unusual circumstance, I was taken by suprise and knocked to the ground. At this point, the cart, determined not to be outdone in this match, proceded to run me over. My foe safely fled whilst I was thus engaged. After several minutes of intense struggle, it turns out the cart would be the winner of our wrestling match; and remains quite continent to maintain the pin until it feels good and ready to change its mind (which, being a cart, has given this foe unending patience).

The moral of this story? That is rather up to debate. Though it appears I will have time to comtemplate it.


I'd say the moral of the story is: When the unexpected happens, just roll with it. ;)

On the subject, this just happened when I was warming up in the Practice Arena..
I'd also say that this counts as a ridiculous way to die, too:

Wouldn't you agree?
I have rarely seen a good instance of weapon binding, but that had me laughing for a good minute! I have had two occasions now with my weapon arm twisted behind my back. I'm pretty sure I CAN'T defeat them with just one arm, or it would make a good taunt...

Pc Genie

My favourite (or most hated) of mine has got to be when I was making the most progress ever in the story at the time...

I was flawlessly defeating the ghoulish brigands, grabbing a snazzy little compass, grabbing the handy jar of salve, arming myself to the teeth with the finest equipment of the area, even ingeniously finding a way to break portcullis locks by leaning furniture! Confidently but not arrogantly, I jogged across a hallway cautiously prepared for my next quarry, eager to see what loot and challenges he or she would present me. I turned a corner and to my horror tripped on the edge of a giant PITFALL (my first ever encounter of one), I desperately tried to right myself and escape this unfair fight, but when I stood up I immediately and unavoidably tripped again down the pitch black abyss to my death.


Just recently I had a similar death but much more melancholic as I set the timer for a pair of pits to be covered over, successfully running with armour removed over one pit, but not being in time for the other. I saw this and did not foolishly try to cross it. "What went wrong then?" I hear you say. Well, I was marooned between two death traps without any safety lever, large crossing object or other means of getting back. I said my goodbyes and ended myself down one rather than starve.


It was my first time completing all the 4th act...

I luckily locked the ogre in a room, after risking my character life. I proceded to clear the map and collect all armor pieces.
I'ts done, i said. I was ready. I prepare everything to guide the ogre to the hole i found (and myself, i didn't quite remember the ways). I release the ogre and it furiosly runs towards me, to give me love. I run, calculating the speed to succesfully turn every corner and not get stuck. My heart is pumping, i found a way to finally defeat the ogre.
As im getting close to the hole i reduce the speed to not missclick and fall, but suddenly the ogre aproaches to me and push my character. I thought i was done, i was going to fail... i wasn't: my character makes a little jump and bends her legs and keeps forward. I caresfully walk my character around the abysm as the ogre slowly fall into the darkness.
I was really happy and i try to get out as straight as posible. But my curiosity is more powerfull than me and i turn my cursor into the black hole to check the ogre falling. It was there that my character turning towards my cursor slips one feet and fall in her back. I desperately click the wall hoping she stands up without falling, but she fails.

It's over. All my efforts doing all the dungeons, exploring every corner, caresfully defeat all enemies to save salves for later... it was all gone in a simple cursor move.

Not really, i started all over from the portal some time later.

I recorded it in my first vid in my channel btw.
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I've been wondering, has anyone managed to get themselves crushed inside a closing portcullis? I might need to do some experimenting if not


Sounds easy enough. Open portcullis, prop up items to force it open, close portcullis, run under it and remove items.


Once i died cause of the man on the bathroom armed with a metal bar, i think you all know who am talking about.
I closed the door of the room before i open the bathroom door. I lost the fight and my character fell unconscious. Anyway i were not that bad injuried.
When my character woke up the man with metal bar where still inside the room, i think cause of room door were closed. That man run to my character and hit before my character was on feet. So my character fell unconscious again. The same events repetead until my character die. End of the sad story.


I once ran down a corridor on lvl 2, which I thought was already clear of the undead. Ran at full speed. Straight into a jolly fellow, who was travelling the opposite way and his axe was exactly in the right position to hit me in the face.
One of those *facepalm* moments I guess...


My dumbest death was at the beginnig of the puzzle area. I had pulled the lever which closes trapdoors and ran as fast as I could. Due to my speed, I tripped over first trapdoor and smashed my face on the metal. As I was struggling to get up, they opened and it was over.


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