I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

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Like the title suggests I feel deeply saddened about the direction of this title. It has been 6 months since the last post from you guys, and nearly a year since the last update. I feel for the price we payed, we are not being delivered the product.

I expected at least something close to what you advertised in the media section, and what I've seen on youtube.

I feel ripped off.....

If I could get a refund I would. But I don't think that's going to happen. I have a feeling this title will just fizzle out among the many pre-release alpha's.

Why work on a game anymore when you have received your money already.

I feel truly ripped off... Sad...


They apparently are working on it behind the scenes while figuring out all the technical stuff and new gameplay additions in Exanima. I haven't backed the Kickstarter so I can't really say anything about it but what I got with Exanima already was enough to keep me entertained until now. Sui Generis will happen at some point you just need to give it time and wait for Exanima to reach the end of its story.


If you want to see progress reports on SG then look at the patchnotes for Exanima, and come to the Exanima Steam forums. Any progress on Exanima is an almost 1:1 progress for SG in the sense that the technology between the two games are practically the same, to my understanding.

El Maco

Like the title suggests I feel deeply saddened about the direction of this title.
I wonder what you mean with "direction of this title". Are you not happy with some design choice they took or just generally frustrated at the long wait thats still ahead of us before we can play Sui Generis?

I backed SG from this site after the Kickstarter ended. For the small price I already got a dungeon crawler with a fantastic combat system. That alone is worth the investment IMO. But whats more important to me is to support a developer who is passionate about doing something actually new and ambitious, you know, instead of e.g. recycling decades old mechanics and ideas. Of course it would be nice if they could hire more staff and accelerate the development process somehow, but given the resources they have, I don't think that's an option.


While I've to admit BM might not always be the best at updating. We have to take into consideration that they are just a handful of people working in a truly ambitious title. It's not really that surprising that progress is taking some time. I backed the project during it's kickstarter and waited years now. But the game will see the light of days at one point. We just have to wait patiently. However if you're interested in the game I highly recommend you to dig into the forum and this truly great community we have here. There's usually some really interesting discussions going on.

Soon™ ;)
Exanima has surprisingly kept me entertained since I got it back in March or so. I've logged 87 hours on it and just started a new character in arena today. It's amazing, I love it, I dunno why but it's absolutely charming.

Now, I can only imagine how long I would spend on a complete, open-world game with the same(or improved) mechanics, consisting of hundreds of small little dungeons just like the one in exanima.


I haven't backed Sui Generis as I didn't know about it at that time. But the decision to purchase Exanima was the best I ever made, in terms of buying games. I haven't played anything else in the last two and a half months, after I purchased it. The Witcher, on the other hand, bored me to death after not even an hour. But some people maybe just don't like innovative, challenging, exciting and rewarding games. I admire the developers for what they do and the love they put in making these two games.

Like others here already said, a lot of things they add or improve in Exanima benefits Sui Generis too.

We're much more focused on quality than deadlines, so it's not really possible to say when it will be done. I think we're getting to the point where it won't be too much longer though. We developed the game entirely from scratch using nothing 3rd party, so it's a lot of developing systems and supporting new features which is rapidly diminishing.
You can rest assured we will never abandon this game, it is truly a passion for us and there's nothing we'd rather be doing. Give me a billion dollars and put me on some paradise beach and I'll just sit in some dark room working on the game 24/7. Doing things well just takes a whole lot of work and time.

If you seriously can't find the progress you're searching for, I'm puzzled how you even found the "post" button.

Oh, lord.


Like most folks I can't wait for Sui Generis to come out either, but Examina itself is an awesome game! And everything in Examina will be in Sui Generis, so I already know SG will be an awesome game too. Even more so from what I can tell. And people are absolutely right when they say to just look at the patchnotes as an update, that's what they are!

Just be patient:D You're not the only one waiting for SG, and we're all in the same boat!


Exanima is really fun. But I'm disappointed beacause of the devs don't tell us more about the developpment. I would like to know what they doing. The game seems doesn't progress since months. What about the next major update? I would like just to know what the devs have in their mind about the game and maybe a kind of schedule. It could be wonderful to see them more present here.


Do we know something about release of Examina?... And it is not what I trying to say. I would like more informations from devs (more media, a newsletter each 3 months for example, etc). I really want to follow them.
Do we know something about release of Examina?... And it is not what I trying to say. I would like more informations from devs (more media, a newsletter each 3 months for example, etc). I really want to follow them.
This Forum. And being an insider.


I am enjoying Exanima a lot. I played more than 100 hours and i still play it sometimes. But i wish they give us some new stuff to talk about. I know they are a very small team and probaly they have no one that can update news, prepare new teasers and so on. In the other hand I think they should spend a week every few months to prepare something to show to followers. A new video, an overview or history of the world they are preparing.
If someone have no time to follow the forum and the steam community takes a look to baremettle home page they don't see any advance and news since Exanima is released (19th of march 2015), almost 2 years ago.


I'm original KS backer, but haven't been here since a couple of years and didn't play Exanima for that duration either. The visual style and the low-fantasy element are what sold me on SG back then and the controls were mainly the reason I let it go, and the devs "renitency" to feedback that meant to improve that experience (is strafing still diagonal?).
I also got really tired of the dragging rubber physics. At first it was funny, but then it got tiresome.

I intend to try it again and see how things progressed, of course.

We backed Sui Generis and got Exanima, which is still in early access. I think we will be lucky if Exanima makes it out of early access and Sui Generis looks like a theory at this point. I wonder if the developers still have enough money to keep going? I hope they do.

Can't say I'm disappointed. I backed several projects that time. There have been positives and disappointments, but the general feeling toward the whole KS backed indie game thing became rather mediocre/underwhelming, so my general expectations toward such things are fairly low. You can say I'm very forgiving, I wouldn't ask for refunds or such things. I just wait and see where things go. I backed, I forgot, will be glad if something good comes out of it some time in the future. :/
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