I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

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I can't really complain, since the arena alone has given me more than 1000 hours of pure fun. Exanima and Sui Generis really are one of a kind, there's nothing else quite like it.

Having said that, I do sometimes find myself irritated by Bare Mettle's poor communication. The content on this website is quite outdated, the latest news is from March 2015. More importantly, there hasn't been a proper Kickstarter update for more than a year. I'm not a kickstarter backer, but this bothers me all the same. If a year isn't a threshold you shouldn't cross, what is?


I am with happy with my purchase. I took the 10 Pounds tier, so i give very few money to developers. I did that cause i knew the project was huge, but i liked their ideas. I got Exanima and i am happy
I would just like to know where we're at with Sui Generis. I dont feel ripped off yet, but I feel like Sui Generus won't actually be a thing that's ever delivered. Certainly not to the scope that it was idealized with.


I'm happy with my purchase.

The combat, at first is really jarring and feels bad. I've stopped playing for about a year or so, and recently came back last month ish? I feel more or less much better about it. Not sure if they did something since I haven't paid that much attention for the time I've been absent, but I was able to quickly get into the flow of playing it. I still have some issues, like my character turning their back on the enemy, though that is sort of my fault, I feel, since I move my character pass the cursor, I think.

I still isn't perfect but I love it.

As for the scenery, yea it's sad that we haven't been allowed at outside yet. I made it past the portal in the game, but it I'm getting raped by the door guards. The save loads up with them instantly coming to life to chase me.

The main game is a bit meh right now, but the reason for me, is that I kind of get lost. No map makes it hard to know which room I've been in, and I have to run around all over the place to be able to figure out where I'm going. So playing the main game/dungeon has been put off.

But Arena..... I'm having a lot of fun. Even though, the chance of you dying is so high that it is kind of annoying the hell out of me.
We backed Sui Generis and got Exanima, which is still in early access. I think we will be lucky if Exanima makes it out of early access and Sui Generis looks like a theory at this point. I wonder if the developers still have enough money to keep going? I hope they do.
I expect Exanima to make it out of early access as its something clearly achievable. I even think it will be reasonably well polished.

I cant see how they can mange to complete Sui Generis however. They are fooling themselves a little by saying that technology developed for Exanima will help complete Sui Generis. Working on the content is what will help Sui Generis. Improving fabric physics or whatever should be seen as helping Sui Generis 2.

For them to be able to have the resources to complete Sui Generis then Exanima would have to sell well.

I couldnt be happier with Exanima, its a good idea expertly implemented, but I dont see it being a financial success. Its gameplay is extremely original but it isnt well marketed. I cant even convince my friends to play it for longer than 5 minutes.

Its kind of annoying to me to see developers doing original ideas extremely well but hardly anyone noticing. They seem to be outside game critics social circles. I cant help but wonder if this is a big part of it.


God, I'm really fed up by you people's smart ass comments. It's enough when the idiots calling themselves "gamers" spam the Exanima forum on Steam with their worthless conceptions about how this game should be like, telling the developers how they have to do their job and complaining about everything that doesn't conform to their beloved AAA standards. Accusing Bare Mettle of being deluded and doing it all wrong, even though they have been able to work tirelessly on this games for at least 5 years with minimal funds and you evidently knowing nothing about game development, is beyond stupid. You can't convince your friends to play it because it isn't well marketed? Do you need to show them some promotional material for them being able to enjoy it? Please just stop your attempts, we don't need anymore of you people loitering around here.
I really try to not get personal on the internet in general, but you did a great job at breaking the ice.


... I cant even convince my friends to play it for longer than 5 minutes.
Get cooler friends.

No but seriously, you can just see how the things from Exanima are totally transferable to SG. It makes sense to me, use Exanima as a source of income, feedback, get some publicity out of it, and most of all, use Exanima to test and implement new features that are transferable to SG! A total win win situation for the Bare Mettle team! And I do think Exanima has helped grow the community and SG's following. IMO, Examina was a great move by BM, it's staving off my appetite for SG!

Plus, all the features in Exanima are transferable to SG, so SG is already lined up to be a great and fun game. Also, they've got to have the features and game mechanics implemented before they can focus on making content. Making content just to make content is pointless unless you've got the core game mechanics to support everything. After all, what's a chair without gravity?
but it isnt well marketed.

That's because they haven't tried to market it yet.
Thats demonstrably false. They had a kickstarter campaign. Whatever announcement you are talking about is, by definition, marketing. That was Bare Mettle doing their best to let you know about the game.

The fact that you have seen their best marketing but believe they havent started yet is somewhat telling surely.
Get cooler friends.

Plus, all the features in Exanima are transferable to SG, so SG is already lined up to be a great and fun game.
Exanima itself is a fun game. My concern is that Sui Generis will never be released.

I understand the reasoning behind what you are saying and what Bare Mettle are saying. I dont think its the correct approach is all. The core mechanics are clearly taking longer than they expected and they are constantly being refined. I expect this process to continue for some time based on their past behavior.

Its their lookout but if they continue improving the core mechanics for the next 10 years they will never make Sui Generis. Everything they do is transferable for sure but that only has value once SG content creation actually starts.

That being said, I checked out their steamspy stats and Exanima is selling better than I had assumed (a little over 60K copies once kickstarter backers are removed) so well done them. Making Exanima as a stand alone game clearly was not a bad idea.

Many of their initial backers, myself included, suggested they go the early access route. I wouldnt have made an entirely different game personally but, based on the results, I cant say they made a mistake here.

I am still somewhat sceptical about Sui Generis happening. Ive no idea what drives Maddoc but if he releases Exanima this year it will have taken him 5 years post kickstarter and 3 years after the expected Sui Generis delivery date to do so. And Sui Generis / Examina seemed well advanced already by the time the Kickstarter campaign started.

I therefore cant imagine Sui Generis being released before the early 2020s based on this level of progress. Thats ok, Examina is a fine game and Sui Generis may still one day be released. But that is a huge commitment in terms of time and opportunity cost. He may have other commitments by then. Its not reasonable to expect him to dedicate his life to Sui Generis as much as we would like to play it.
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Just FYI much of SG's content has already been made, and it's just a matter of getting the major features in place before there can be a closed alpha/beta. Things like thaumaturgy, NPCs with dialogue, etc need to be programmed first. This shouldn't take as long as the more back-end stuff that they've been working on up until now, and they can now focus on adding features instead of improving existing ones. Joining the Bare Mettle Discord server and talking to the people in there should help alleviate your worries and answer any questions you might have (although you should take anything a non-developer says with a grain of salt, including my own assessment above).


I am still somewhat sceptical about Sui Generis happening.
Then boy are you in for a surprise, when SG finally releases;)

I have no doubt that Sui Generis will be releasing sometime in the future.
And Sui Generis / Examina seemed well advanced already by the time the Kickstarter campaign started.
You said it yourself, SG already looked so well and advanced all the way back during the Kickstarter, and all they've been making since then has been progress!


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