I found a consistent bug that corrupt the save file

As a start, i would like to say that english is not my first language and could be some grammar errors.

The bug occurs when using the mind thaumatology in exanima, specifically when using the "Command Dead" in sequence with "Possesion" here is a video showing the bug:

Its the third time this has happend to me, and every time i came back to the final part of level 3 as seen in the video, in the third time ive realized that it only happens when you use the spell "Possesion" on a NPC that is doing the standing up animation, otherwise, the bug wont happen, after you are in possesion of the NPC you cant leave to your original character, only remaning the option to quit (or making the NPC die, which i didnt realize at the time) I hope i get a response from a developer because i consider this a pretty game breaking bug, at least for me.


Yeah I had same bug. It seems it is related to exiting the game during 'possesion thaum'. So I suggest you to not exit the game while using the possesion thaum on it.


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