Kenshi... anyone?

Hi all,

Anyone playing Kenshi at all?

Its a top down squad based strategy rpg featuring samurai, a large open world, an odd feudal era/dieselpunk? (Maybe, you have cool analog metal limbs and mounted guns) mashup with base building, a procedural insult engine(yes the game makes its own insults.. hilarity ensues - i was once threatened to have my nipples smashed by someones genitals and called a plum) and a pleasing soundtrack, got alot of potential and something else i back other than SG. Only drawback is strategy like ai based combat. But its very good and great to watch.

Theyve recently added creatures from wolves to titan sized beasts and will have much more once released. Its on steam early access to if anyone wants to look :)


Oh wow I wasn't aware about beasts ! I really lliked it, going to reinstall ;)
The thing is back when I played, it was pretty decently hard at first, but it lacked a bit of challenge as soon as you have a good team and good equipment.
But when you see the... 8 healths bars and all, it's going to be a challenging game for sure... however I'm not sure about that as I did not played recently.
Its much better now much basic bounty hunting, capturing, using captives to train in your town.. building a town is a challenge in itself even with a crack team. But dem beasts be beastly.. watch yourself lmao my advice.. from the beginning make one guy a big tall muscle beast and set him to always block and taunt.. he will never be a swords master but takes most agro and becomes a defensive god! Good against giant giraffe birds :D
I really liked kenshi and put a fair number of hours into it, but much like other games that ive seen in recent years, once you "beat" the game there is little reason to keep playing other than just enjoyment. Im a sucker for grinding.
They've added quite a lot but i think if you wait a month or 2 hopefully biomes will be implemented then, among other things.. give it a re run then the world will be vast and varied :)
Also just to add its now 64bit and is getting a shader update I believe. 64bit is a blessing following the memory 'super crash'


I backed it like 2 years ago, tried it twice but my attention span was too short to handle it. Since I'm just mildly interested in it I will probably play it once it's finished. Has the UI improved at all since then?
The UI will, I believe be one of the last things looked at as though awkward.. it does work (Someone needs ergonomics tuition lol) I've found that with all the new building types/ research types and the new map will add a lot of gaming time and the procedural insult generator is hilarious!

Tbh it'l take you more time to train up a group and build a town with all mod cons/ turrent defenses than most games playtime these days, once you start researching replacement limbs etc, also with fun things like you can be captured and eaten by cannibals and your chars cry and scream lol and with bounty hunting and now creatures (eventually hunting etc) it now has a stealth system... Its slow but.. Its going to be an awesome game

Plus the dev company is in my city! :D


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