why do you hate lolfrogz ?:p
There ain't no such thing as "lolfrogz" so there's no hate. You just need help. See, when you lick too many frogs, you start hallucinating and one inevitable part of such trips is that cats start to look like frogs. IOW, your so-called "lolfrogz" are really just normal, garden-variety lolcats, and only appear otherwise to your chemically imbalanced neurosystem. Fortunately for you, I do neither interventions nor rehab programs so you're free to continue your ranalingus habit in peace. But please do realize that your hallucinations are just that :D


Here you clearly can see three lolcat pals relaxing in the field:

Here you can see a lolcat relaxing in the head of a comrade:

If you don't see exactly that is becoz your are hallucinating. Check the prescription your favorite flavored frog, or lacking of it, with your drug dealer.


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