It wasn't me.
For once i experienced a "rpg" in a new way, an interesting way, but they had to ruin it.

I don't think it twice anymore, no more disappointments for me. I run away as soon as any game start fucking up.
I'm confused, every map I've found is at the "end" of every level. You still have to go through and experience almost the entire level before seeing a drawing of it. Why is that such a big deal?
I found my first map!

I was kind of surprised how big the level was.

Points to improve:

- Be able to see/write only the parts of the map you have actually seen.
- Be able to put custom markers or comments on your map. ( Like locked doors, merchants, safe chests, monsters, traps, etc)
- Be able to see/write the Map Title (like Level 1, or catacombs, etc)
- Separate Map from inventory ( it will be a mess once we got too many maps.... all in the inventory)


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