`Mordhau´ on Kickstarter: worth a look

Don Kanaille

Hello there, fans of Medieval combat games!

Something I´d like to bring to your attention: The game "Mordhau" has recently launched on Kickstarter and may be worth a look.


Mordhau is a first person medieval combat game centered on allowing action-packed, believable (not realistic, but believable) melee fights and a huge amount of customization based on historical weapons and armor.

For those of you who know Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: Yes, this game is similar, as it is developed by former pro Chicalry players. Think of an evolution of the concept, that keeps the good parts and expends on them drastically while leaving out the silly stuff like hitbox glitching and pirouette strikes.

I´ve been following the game´s development for a while. The devs seem very passionate and open and as if they know what they´re doing. You can see they put in a lot of thought and effort before launching on Kickstarter, as the prototype already looks great. If the game is to your liking, support it and help reach more of the stretch goals :)

Thanks for your time


Yes, Mordhau seems to be a work of passion. I have had a look at it some time ago, but honestly, for me, the biggest turn-off point is... multiplayer. Mordhau is geared towards PvP. I prefer a simple life where I don't have to argue with teenagers every time I want to relax in front of my PC - I've got enough of that at home. :D
However, it does have the pommel throw to end thine opponent rightly.

Don Kanaille

Yes. Apparently it annoyed the heck out of Skallagrimm :)

Of course, if you´re not into multiplayer, Mordhau is not for you. Botmatches are hardly worh the game price, no matter how decent the bots are.

Pc Genie

I have shared my thoughts on Mordhau as a game idea previously.

In summary, lovely idea and fantastic graphical appearance, but the ranged combat looks tacky and getting disarmed because you parried is an unrealistic and very annoying idea. Also, please don't actually throw pommels about, it's a joke entry in a manuscript.


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