My friend just finished practice arena modes in less than 1h, In his 1st h in the game ever.


my brother and my cousin also quickly dominated the combat system, I think it's for the little tips about the movement that we give them before playing, things like:
-dont move if not necessary, you lose balance .
-thinks how you want to move.
-the character look at the pointer, so it moves in relation to it.
-move when you are just about to hit, not before, not after.
and my favorite :D-move step by step, dash only if necessary (this is especially hard to learn,because there is no footwork in most video games.).
This sort of thing takes time to realise by yourself and more if we consider that there are many things to learn at once, even after reading the manual.
I think that footwork improvments helped a lot ,also I really like to know how fast peoples adapt to that game nowdays.


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