Please implement simple directional controls for EXPLORATION rather than tank controls.


It exclusively play the arena for some time now and I'm glad they did what they did for players like me. I find the current cursor relative movement used in combat to be fantastic and super intuitive but for exploration in the main campaign, it leaves a lot to be desired. It is severely uncontrollable making you stumble around and trip over stuff. It's like the player character is a perpetual alcoholic, stumbling around when trying to walk anywhere but as soon as he gets a whiff of potential combat, immediately wakes up and turn into a raging skilled fighting master and then back to drunk and falling over chairs when the fighting is over.

The are 2 current exploration controls which are Tank style character relative with WASD and cursor relative which is when you hold the right mouse button down. Both are unsuitable for exploration.

I suggest simple directional controls where the W key walks up toward the top of the screen, the A and D keys turn 90 degrees and walk left and right respectively and the S key turns 180 degrees walking down the screen. Literally up, down, left, right. This would all work regardless of which direction the camera is pointing so you can actually also move around by holding the W key and turning the camera if you want to. This would make it far easier to explore than the current drunk walking.

Tank controls are only good for games that have fixed cameras that switch to different orientations between rooms. (like resident evil 1-3)

IN SHORT, it should be like this in my opinion:
COMBAT: Cursor relative movement controls (which is the current system. Bravo!)
EXPLORATION: Simple directional controls with WASD but retain the current cursor relative system when you hold down RMB like it is already so the masochists are placated!


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