Please push update notes to the steam community page <3


It looks like the last update was on april 1st 2020.
I do not know if this is a problem with my steam, but if this is not the case it is terrible marketing for the game.

You guys have been continuesly pushing patches, to my surprise.
Im very hyped to see all the new stuff!

My understanding is that you only push the patchnotes once a new version is released, rather than sub-versions.
So I expect a big steam update once 0.9 is released, but hear me out.

More people would be returning to check out Exanima if they were aware of the constant updates.
Even if the game has been in Early Acces for this long and is a mere testing ground for Sui Genesis.
Any potential player stumbling upon Exanima will be a lot more incentiviced to pick it up, if they see it is actively updated :)


The updates are currently available in the beta branch and isn't the objective of the team because they aren't looking to make money out of this but build a game the way they wanted to but I do agree, updating the steam page would be nice


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