Possesion v Command Dead - No Loyalty Transfer (0.8)


I was trying some Things(tm) and came across a possible anomaly.
If you have some minions under Command Dead and do a Possession, the minions attack the possessed mob.
I would have expected their loyalty towards you to transfer to the controlled mob.
Minions attack each other if chosen badly, so it is best to have minions that have never fought each other.
Therefore, I even tried a possession on a mob that was never in their combat register, and they still attacked it when near.
Maybe this is working as intended, but I would have expected the Command Dead minion loyalty towards you to carry over towards a Possessed mob. (as in, unlike Loyalty, they never break their Command Dead binding to attack you, even if you strike them while fighting an enemy).

TL-DR No minion loyalty towards a Possessed mob an oversight or working as intended?


Based on how Command Dead and Loyalty thrawls are constantly at each other's throats, despite both being skeletons, I've been using it for the opposite effect. Posses a mob, take off all the armour and whatnot and then just stand there like a dope while the thrawls bash the possessed thing's head in.

Then I have to stand in between the commanded and the loyalty guys because, again, despite the fact that they are both skeletons, they randomly go off on each other after a match.

Alas, poor Derrin, for he wath done in by my loyal skeleton warrior.


Yeah, once they start whacking on each other under Loyalty or Command, it never really gets better.
It is then time to drop them and get some new minions who have never fought against each other (which gives the best chance of long duration, happy minions).
I learned to do a fast Calm on them before moving on from a fight. Seems to give the team some lasting power.
Regardless. Still waiting to hear from staff if the Possession treated as threat is an anomaly or not.


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