Quality of life improvement suggestions

Ben Curtis

These are for Arena mode as I don't really enjoy the Story mode enough yet to play it for too long.

- Add the little plus icon when someone has levelled up into the pre-match screen, it would also be satisfying to know if you levelled up at the end of match screen. Could clicking the plus also load up just the skills UI element without going into the manage screen?

- Heal button! Not sure whether this is an exploit but you can just start and repeatedly quit matches to heal right now, so skip the middle man and allow us to heal for a cost, and stop the auto-healing to balance it out? Ideally this would be an optional step after forfeiting or losing.

- Loadouts should/could be extrinsic to characters, making it less of a chore to change loadouts would encourage mixing them up a bit more. Could at least allow a loadout button on the pre-match screen that would skip straight to manage, automatically have the tier selected and then skip back again. At the very least allow presets for characters as extricating is probably a lot of work?

- Checkbox for 'apply to all' that you can select when assigning clothes, it's a bit annoying to have to go through all the tiers one by one to change base layers etc

- Having to rotate the camera every time to start matches or check the manage screen for a level up is really annoying. Either save character position and camera view or move some things around so we don't have to scroll maybe?

- In the hire screen, disclose the core information i.e. rank and role before having to load up every single character individually. That data can't be that hard to expose.

- It would be nice for those of us with extra mouse buttons to be able to assign overhead and stab to single button presses.

- I see that x-input is screen relative which is great with xpadder and making the stick position correlate to absolute mouse position, really fun to play but hard to untrain myself from tank controls, so it would be good to make it an option and not forced? I have X on the 360 controller switch the right stick into 'trackball' mode for interacting with UI etc. If you added this switch to the game, made buttons and left/right mouse click assignable to the controller then you'd have full controller support. Could lead to increased sales if you state that on the Steam page.

- Add a UI element to the clothing info screen or even to the short description to tell you what the clothing slot is. Not very intuitive when it comes to coats / tunics / gambesons and all that stuff.

Other suggestions, not really Quality of Life

- Would be nice if enemies were persistent to some extent, give them names, let them level up, allow them to be killed etc. Could even have them belong to stables as seems to be the implied setup for the player. This could then lead to tournaments, rivalries etc if you want to add more narrative to Arena.
- Group pugilism
- 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1


I agree with most of what you wrote; it's a really nice list. In regard to healing, I believe medic hirelings are going to become a thing in the future. The problem with this though is that the limited slot number reduces the number of combat hirelings you have even further if you were to employ a merchant. I feel like they should add the ability to purchase more hireling slots, akin to expanding your "guild" or whatever they call it.

I also love the idea of group pugilism, that'd be so much fun!
I agree the clothing bit, it took me a while to figure out what went where.
Also, assigning stab and overhead seems a little unnecessary with overhead just being a double click and all.
group pugilism sounds fun!


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