Random idea for future npc interaction


It would be incredibly cool and I feel very fitting (imo) for this game to add GPT-3 or other large language model powered dialogue between the player and npcs, allowing the player to type literally anything to any npc and get a unique, but fitting response as well as npc reaction to events happening around.

You would have to provide long character descriptions and tight rules for the model to follow but it could add so much depth and freedom to how players interact with npcs to get information and lore about the world you have created. You could also keep the predetermined dialogue options as well to progress the story as you would intend.

I could see this being very buggy and hard to implement but I figured I'd just put it out there haha.


The game is currently still in the core mechanic phase of development so I understand that it feels like there is no NPC interaction yet, because there is not much, but the intention is to build this system to then build a story driven game on top of. Much of the dialog for Exanima and Sui Generis is already written and simply not implemented yet as they are not at that phase of development (not to mention Exanima is supposed to feel kind of empty with the intention that you should piece the story together via books and scrolls you find along the way). I understand the excitement and urge to make suggestions like you have, but if you're looking for a procedural conversation system, go play AI dungeon. Exanima/Sui Generis is not the everything-game, but rather whatever the devs want it to be. The development has taken as long as it has because it is primarily a passion project of a small team of 4 people. Implementing something like this would probably double the development time and never be exactly finished as they would be compelled to implement GPT-4 and 5 and so on as these technologies improve with iteration. I too long for more NPC dialog but when I feel that way, I just go play something story based.


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