Smoother movements.


Characters on combat make huge steps really fast, and they move like drunken equilibrists. This is getting really annoying to land proper blows... cant really give advice on how to do fix this but is really affecting gameplay.

Maybe shorter steps, delay on steping back and forth, smooth walking instead of little step-jumps. Character should really feel like its centered and firm on his feets.
Character should really feel like its centred and firm on his feets.
I couldn't agree more, the feeling that the feet are supporting all the weight of the body, is lacking.

However, this has been the case all along since I have been playing exanima (since 6.0).
The main characteristic of the drunken/funky movement (in my humble non-technical opinion) is that the animation is centred in the body and then it fixes the legs and arms around it. Thus the final animation in some movements are [first move the body] then [calculate and animate everything else].

Its like the body is pulled with an invisible string from the waist to the direction of the WASD keys. The legs and feet follow the body afterwards in an almost convincing animation that they are supporting / pushing the body.

Some Solution would be to working from the Legs up, instead from the Body down. But I suppose this change may take many years of re-re-work on the animation that is like a Black Hole in the BM to do list.

I will say again, I couldn't agree more, I feel the same.


Yes i understand that may take to redo all that they been working...

I will be honest again, ive been playing arena practice more intensively... and it doesnt really feel this way. Its like in the story mode happens more because of the zombie shaking everywhere and you trying to adapt to their movements that your character feels like an uncontrollable jelly.
Another feel is that you can still control what your character do, and depends on your skills to make it look like if they are jelly or not.

Plus opinions:
Blows still dont feel thrown with energy, unless you move your character for it to happen and thats when your character may shake uncontrollably. It something that most allways experienced, thinking that a good blow wont do damage because of its slow speed, but when it lands it even pulls blood out of the injured enemy.

As body, arms holding weapons needs to be like more firm too. I dont know about programing (that i know is hard as fuck and takes infinite knowledge) but maybe adding a limiter on how much your whole character arms and legs can bend while standing or attacking may help.
Just an example: you try to land a stab into the wall... what happens? Your character arms bends and the body keeps like going to the wall (unless you stop it). Possible fix: when the blow lands body and arms get "locked" -within your character- so it may feel like your character body is fully hard when landing that attack and doesnt seem like a jelly with a stick thrown at the wall.

Something that i noticed too is that stabbing is not only improved but a must do attack.


Also we really need a walking animation while we are on attack mode.
Something like this:
For exploration is ESSENTIAL.

We can do those mini jumps or spaced steps with shift.

I posted something like this but got into oblivion.


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