So im stuck in the door

Ive played this game for about 45 hours now and i was testing out a build based on my body type (lower half in the middle with a little bit of fat) and i also wouldnt take clothes and armor from enemies trying to play how i would in that situaton (i dont want to wear clothes from a dead body) so i would only take from chests nsuch. Anyway so in about a third of my playthroughs i get to this part and open the door then they slam it closed trying to get to me, i want to fight them to get to the chest so i push the door back open and they slam i closed again but are now pushing against it while i push back to open it. Some how do to the physics i got stuck in the door, is their a way to either make it so this doesnt happen or program the AI to not rush the door so i can open it and not get into this situation? Also when i reset the game im still there. exanimaglitch1.png
I only have a sword and shield but i mostly fight with the torch and shield. i guess theres not much i can do but its ok since ive already gotten to the end a couple times i just wanted people to be aware of the problems in that area and see if theres anything to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.


Have had that happen a few times to me as well, @Madoc got a look at it happening as well. I also use sword and shield and while I can get stuck if I try, with the buckler, it is much easier to get stuck using the barrel lid or one of the other shields. What usually work sis UN-equiping the shield. However there have been a few times when that does not work as well and you just have to start over.
Good to know that it isnt just me and that Madoc is aware of it. I wouldve been more annoyed about it if it was a serious run through but either way these things are to be expected with a beta. i can't believe i hadnt found this game until 2 weeks ago and its been around for what 3 years?


Yeah been around a long time, been a dream of the Devs even longer, decades. The starter started October 30, 2012


I've noticed that doors can be troublesome even if they don't open. For instance, in the novice arena there are doors at each end that you can't open. However, if you push the enemy into one of these doors, there's good chance the enemy will get stuck to it.


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