Spear and shield


I thought we need a thread about spear and shield combat, and how (and if?) it may be implemented in the future.

It's is a weapon combo that is really badly represented in almost every game that features it.
Take one of the worst offenders, the Mount & Blade games, as an example. Using spear and shield limits you down to one single attack type in a game that normally has 4.

Needless to say, Exanima's combat is of course totally different, and I think that this game is in a unique position to actually be the first that really does spear & shield right. I'm pretty convinced of this, especially after seeing how awesome shield usage will be in the next version, here's a preview vid for those who missed it.

Anyway, I think my ideas for S&S are best summed up with a list:
  1. Draw inspiration from real life. Real spear and shield combat is full of interesting moves and varying stances, as shown in this video of HEMA guys experimenting with it and this one too. As you can see the moves they're doing are a far cry from the poking at a distance you see in many other games.
  2. S&S needs a unique control scheme. Kinda obvious when you consider that swinging one around in one hand is probably not exactly a practical choice. I don't think I have a really good answer for this, but one idea I have is that instead of swinging the spear, holding down LMB could make your character hold it vertically to use it as a parrying implement as seen here. Thrusting would be just like any other weapon, and the vertical swing could be replaced with a sliding thrust/retained throw.
  3. Different stances are definitely needed to allow you to switch between an overarm and underarm grip. From what I understand, the devs already intend to implement different stances. Anyway, the difference between the two grips as I see them would be like this: Underarm (Thumb forward) allows your character to hold the spear further back for more reach (without resorting to a retained throw) and facilitates attacks to the legs and lower body. Overarm (resembles a throwing stance) requires you to hold the spear at its center of gravity, giving you less reach, but allowing you to fight effectively at very close range and target the face and upper body better.
So that sums up my view on spear and shield. Making it really cool would be pretty much a first for games in general, and I think that it would have a legitimate place in the Sui Generis world as a guard & soldier's weapon, and even as a very effective tool against large, unarmored monsters and stuff.


Being able to have one handed spears and combine them with shields would indeed be very cool. Hopefully that's something that gets added eventually.


Don't usually see one-handed spear and shield combination in any games. This would be very cool and refreshing to have as well.


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