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Sorry I don't make sense most times, not even in my native language. Isn't that a picture of a game?
Someone that doesn't even English, or their native tongue

My profile picture is most definitely from a game. It's no-longer available to play as it was shut down not long ago. Battlefield; Heroes was like a moba/3rd person shooter mixed together into a "Class based shooter" genre. Cartoon graphics, somewhat low quality, clothing choices were massive, you could pretty much be whatever you wanted to be. There were many, many guns, widgets, and other fun things. In the end, it got EA'ed, and was shut down.


Someone who distinguishes between many types of hate and, as a connoisseur, selects the most appropriate for the occasion, which is a rare gift.


Someone who posted a creepy Russian cartoon.

What the eff man? Why are Russian cartoons so.... Creepy?


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