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So I found a sword in the back of the armoury on level 3, it seems to be unique in design as it doesn't have a thrusting point and it's description is odd. It says the weapons balance shifts as it's swung, and that this feels strange but could be used to great effect. What does this mean? Is this just a masterwork weapon, or is it some sort of magic item?
it could be a magic item in a way, it is basically an extremely well balanced sword with the impact of a maul(could be the balance shift) despite being very light as said, that does hacking damage like an axe would do.
It's a type of sword used for executions, hence the lack of a tip. There's some old threads around here somewhere that talk about this sword in-depth.


its "specialness" is balance, according to Madoc himself it moves and acts as an axe, rather than a sword, due to either metal balls or liquid metal inside its core.
This is quite possibly a homage to Terminus Est, a sword from The Book of the New Sun (a book I highly recommend).

Both Exanima and TBotNS tell their story in a minimalist fashion, with most interesting things having to be puzzled out by the reader/player instead of just being dumped on them.
I started playing Exanima shortly after reading these books, and I also noticed similarities in the subtleties of storytelling. I don't know if they were a direct inspiration for Madoc and the team, but certainly that sword is Terminus Est.
there have been many swords similar visually to the one you describe.

the reason for the missing tip is because historically they were used for lobbing heads off and not for combat.

google "executioner sword" and youll see what i mean.


The swords description actually fits that Terminus Est perfectly. Terminus has everything matching,exe sword only half of the description. So i would rule out the executioners sword entirely off the list.
someone find the link to the old thread...

I don't remember what it's called or how to even search it, but there was an old thread where this was discussed before.


I'm the one who made the old thread asking about the sword. Madoc chimed in and said that the sword isn't really magical. It's uniqueness is that it has a good score for both Slashing and Impact damage, so it's basically a sword mace. With how Impact damage works it can add to the damage you would normally do, and that's on top of having a sword that can perform well against armor.

Here's the thread: http://www.baremettle.com/forums/index.php?threads/thoughts-on-the-two-handed-sword.4749/#post-43849
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