Update #30


Let's be realistic here for a minute.
I am a realist and as such I had not a slight glimmer of faith they'd ship the full game in time, none, at no point in time, ever.
I backed knowing that it will take at least a year more. How I knew? I just knew, because developing games is a #####.

I'd say your expectations were unrealistic.

But i want some proper answers as the supporter and funder of a product.
You are no funder, you're a donator. Your donation was voluntary and if you think you can file a suit, than Kickstarter will step in and point at their terms of agreement and your attorney will tell you to go home.

Before you back a project on Kickstarter next time, hold on for a second and think about what you're actually doing!

Not mean to be harsh on you, maybe a bit educating. :D

Oh and by the way, there should be a "not like" button. :D



Congratulations BM for reaching this important goal and thanks for all the hard work and love you have put to SG; I can't wait to put my hands on the alpha prelude. :D

On a side note, I fully agree with @Psychomorph.
As a (very) late backer, I must say this is the very first time I donate money for a game, and I am confident that regardless of the outcome I will never regret it. Honestly, I donated to SG not only because it is one of the few steps forwards that I have seen in the last years to push gaming to the next level, but most importantly, because of the professionalism and human quality of BME.


I am not sure why, but I could have swore when I upgraded to Alpha tier a ripple would have gone through and heads would have perked up and thought 'Holy crap DD has gone Alpha, we need to get this out NOW!'

Alas, I have over estimated my importance once again.

I am lucky if I can make it rain by washing my car. :(


on a side note i'd be totally cool with a prelude release next week :p
we got a college holiday and i want to spend it well :rolleyes:


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