Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern


John glanced around while waiting for Wills reply, observing that the hooded figure had demasked himself revealing a face not so much a face as a mass of beard and hair revealing occasional pieces of face. Sniggering at the quivering lad who had just tripped while ogling the barwench, as the redfaced boy left the tavern he refocused on Will. Well?....
A foreboding grey mist began sweeping north towards the Bluemist Mountains, Farbrington was now covered in this chilling haze. It looked frightfully silent, a hour after sunset and most of the cottages were dark, a sure sign that most of the hard working residents had gone to sleep for the day. Beeing one of the most important cattle ranching communities on the border of the Sharozia Realm it had a good repute but this had made it a desirable prize for thieves and foreign looters. Only a decade ago the tribes beyond the Bluemist mountains plundered the vilage in a lighting attack, fortunately the barons were quick enough to repel the invaders. A successful counterattack meant the tribes were forced to pay a heavy toll for the reconstruction of the village.

Marius skirted in his saddle and adjusted the visor on his bascinet, one of the hinges was broken in his last tourney and he had not gotten round to visiting the smith for repairs. Now he was here looking for a infamous tavern, and the only building of age in a village where everything was constantly rebuilt.

"The homes look much nicer now then after the tribal siege, what does this tell you Ramon?" said Marius to his squire.

"That the farmers are quite well off sir?" answered Ramon as he squinted his eyes to get a better view of the hilltop village.

"Aye that's right, its hard living in a town so close to the border with troublesome neighbors, but the barons are kind with their protection and lower taxes, the farmers here enjoy a greater freedom then anywhere else and make a good profit selling their meat to all the travelers who have to come through here." Answered Marius patting his squire on the shoulder.

"Did Lord Thomas build those palisades?" questions Ramon pointing at the stocky timber walls encompassing the town.

"Nope, but one of his engineer was present directing the pesky mountain tribesman who were fixing the damage they had caused. Lets make for the tavern."

The two men rode on in silence to the town gates where a pair of armed watchmen were standing guard, "Halt!" Spoke the watch captain, "What is your purpose here travelers? The town is usually closed after sundown."

Marius removed his helmet letting down his long black hair, and smiled to the guard through his bushy moustache. “Gentlemen, my name Is Sir Marius Franklin Bates, and this is loyal squire Ramon. We have been charged here with a mission of most urgency by our Lord Thomas Wasson."

The guards bowed their heads in acknowledgement, and the captain continued "Ah master Bates, haven’t seen you in a while yet, not since the war."

"I have to travel a great deal, and fight on a great many battle fronts. But our lord expressly needed me here." Marius motioned to Ramon to hand him some rolled papers, and then gave them to the guards.

"This man is a enemy spy who escaped from his lordships prison, he is also wanted for several counts of rape and murder, have you seen him?" Said Marius sternly.

The two guards glanced at the posters but shrugged "Nay sir cant say we did, but we do have 2 other gates to town. Your man could have come in through there. Regardless we will put the posters through town and alert the mayor and the populace." Said the captain motioning to his comrade to open the gate.

"Im not in the least surprised if you had missed him, we are aware he’s adept at disguises, alert the rest of the town militia. I may even consider sealing the town until a proper search is conducted, for the time being we shall visit the Black Rose and search there." The knight saluted the guards and rode on followed by his square.

The town was mostly quiet and dim, the tavern was still alight by many candles and animated by loud merriment. Marius asked Ramon to take the horses to the stable and entered the inn, his armor was a tad dented and his mail tarnished from the long travels. The beer hall feel silent as he entered with a rasp and hailed the bartender. "Angelos long time no see! My old friend I need your help with something important"
"Marius Bates! Old chum! Elena get sir Marius some fine spirits." Said Ivan grining whidely.
"I will pass on the alchahol Ivan, I have urgent business, we must speak!" said Marius impatiently.


Will was lost in thought as the poor lad left, remembering how awkward he was during his own adolescence. He'd nearly dashed his brains out on every piece of furniture in the village. He remembered one time in particular, he'd been visiting with John when his foot had caught on the fringe of a rug and he'd whipped his head into a large pot. He'd brushed the brown curtain of his hair out of eyes a piercing blue/grey to see Mary lending him a hand. Head still swimming, he stood on uncertain legs and stammered out something approaching a "thanks" and bolted. He'd always had a soft spot for her, but he'd been poor and she deserved better. Now he was a killer, and still not particularly well- off. She deserved better.
"Aye, four seems right." Grounding himself to the present, he met the gaze of his friend once more.
"I'm looking for work indeed, but all I've found is a tavern that must be host to the most aggressive furniture this side of the world." Letting his mouth curl into a grin, he continued. "If you have any prospects I'm open to them."
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So a full month after my last post, and the only person to make a entry is a total scrub? Great I may just have to call this thread dead thanks a lot guys :(


So a full month after my last post, and the only person to make a entry is a total scrub? Great I may just have to call this thread dead thanks a lot guys :(
To be fair, man, this whole forum is a bit slow at times. I'm actually surprised people took to this RP thread so well.

It'd probably be best to wait until we actually have a few NPCs we can involve or some town names or names of important people or concepts or creatures in the Sui Generis world. Right now, it's just a generic tavern in god-knows-where-ville.

Once parts of the full game are out and people have had time to make characters and flesh out their skills or whatever, I'm sure people would be happy to RP in a well-known location using their characters and whatever personalities they've come up with for said characters. Plus, we could find out what kinds of food and drink are popular in the world and list them for order or whatever.

Seriously, just wait until we know more about the world of sui, aight? ;)

Also, maybe don't call other forum members names like scrub. It's kinda rude, and people don't take kindly to it. :confused:


Edit ( I was a bit pissed off )
May this thread be long and interesting.
Just respect posters ;)
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I was pretty much waiting for the plotlines to further themselves. The off-topic post I started about weapons for review didn't get any traffic so I haven't updated it. (Also, still trying to figure out who made one of the items) Tis what will happen in a forum such as this.


Thorik the mighty ogre-slayer walked into town, he grinned as the townsfolk fled before him as he walked towards the tavern. It was like this in many towns, as he tended not to wash off the blood from the ogres he killed, why he even had a fresh coat of blood on him from the morning, when he cut an ogre in half with his mighty battle-axe.
Even without the blood he was an impressive figure, 8-feet tall and rippled with muscle, a thick wave of blood-red hair (with actual blood) atop his head. After Thorik had finished contemplating what a magnificent man he was he walked over to the tavern, only to stop short in absolute terror, the tavern had a DOOR!!! Thorik began trembling uncontrollably when he saw it, as images from his childhood flooded into his mind...he shook himself from his reverie and sat down in front of the tavern torn between his intense fear of doors, and his great lust for ale.


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