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This is a huge spoiler about your lever problem. DO NOT open if you dislike spoilers.
Did not really want to shove it into the general forum area.
I just drag the rectangle beam down the hallway and drop it on the lever.
Hey guys,
after windmull slashing all that newbys i decide to give up the Roads.
I threw myself into Arena now but where the hell did my Armour gone?
Somebody might help me out with a Exceptional Plate unless i got mine back?
Is there a place that you sell merchandise ? shirts, mugs etc ?
In the normal Story mode: no ... just don't pick that stuff up, or toss it.
In the Arena mode: the Merchant & Shopkeeper both allow items in your main characters inventory to be dragged into the left window (sell) and sold for a pretty low price.
hey Brendan, i bought the game for myself and a friend and ive never seen any updates since you stopped updating through steam.

i'e tried logging in here and it didn't work, i tried to use the lost password feature and it didn't recognize my email. :/
I have no idea what I'm doing oh dear pleashe help ai am not good with computers d howd you turn this off what isthis
Hi Brendan, was told to contact you here! I purchased Exanima 24 hours ago, loving the game but I would like the steam key and it hasn't appeared yet, I hear this happens sometimes but you can fix it manually?
thanks for your help!


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