Exanima Beta Released


Exanima is now in beta. With this release the NDA has been lifted. Read more...

Prelude Alpha Released


Exanima is now in alpha. A prelude to Sui Generis, Exanima is a standalone dungeon crawler set in its underworld. Read more...

Combat Beta Released


We released an updated version of the combat demo featuring a second arena to beta tier backers. Read more...

Combat Alpha Released


We released a first playable version to alpha tier backers. While only a combat alpha that is not yet representative of the RPG experience, this is a major milestone in development for us.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video Released


We released our first public video since Kickstarter. Showcasing pre-alpha gameplay, this 12 minute video was followed up with a short one that explains combat controls.

Development Video #3 Released


We released our third exclusive development video. This video focuses on new features and improvements to core gameplay, physics and animations.

Development Update #2 Released


We released our second public development update. This is a fairly major update covering a range of topics. Read more...

Development Video #2 Released


We released our second exclusive development video. Focused on some of the more technical aspects, this short video also includes a first look at our slotless inventory system.

Development Update #1 Released


We released our first public development update and first exclusive development video. Topics covered include our physique and morphing system, hair with physics and some techical improvements. Read more...

Kickstarter Campaign Ended


We successfully reached our funding goal on Kickstarter. It was a bumpy ride but thanks to the support of an amazing community we pulled through in the end.


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