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    Stuck in the puzzle trap door area

    That's what i thought... but i can only move them a couple of meter before having to reposition myself so instead i went the laxy way and started over again. Thanks for your help tho!
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    Stuck in the puzzle trap door area

    I'm going to try and explain this the best i can because english is not my main language and i don't know the correct wording for everything. The first puzzle showed in the video Mertek98 shared, the one with the 3 floor trap doors and 2 metal gate. I entered the corridor from the first entrance...
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    Stuck in the puzzle trap door area

    Kind of resurrecting the post right now but i don,t think it's worth starting a new post for this issue. I am stuck at the same spot, with the 2 gates and the 3 trap doors. Thing is, both gates are closed and there's no way i can find to get back inside and activate the switch... the hell? lolll
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    Exanima Released

    Awesome! More people will now understand the fun in being a Blunt Force Dentist.
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    Exanima Greenlit on Steam

    A little late of me, but I'm happy for you guys! When i first saw the kickstarter page, i thought to myself ''This is gonna be great! But might sadly fail since most gamer don't like using their brains when they game'' Hand Holding is ruining hardcore gaming. Followed the game since, and I'm...
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    Great combat, but a few thoughts

    I have disarmed a zombie too, the one with a 2H stick. It felt cool because i was rushing him with my club and i hit his arm with an overhead while he was preparing a strike. I don't know the exact English words for this... but with the momentum of my attack and the position of his arms and...
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    Die By The Sword

    The atmosphere it created was amazing. Games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R could do that without music, but DBTS had this feel like you could die any second and it kept you on edge.
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    Die By The Sword

    Ohh... i searched for one but could not find anything. Must have been deleted. The game is on GoG if you feel like checking it out. It's age really shows but it is still fun to play.
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    Die By The Sword

    An old Treyarch PC game i played back in 2002-2003 Combat in this game was what made it so appealing. You control your sword either with the mouse, or with the numpad. You can swing in any direction, and must use momentum to do maximum damage. You...
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    Finally smashing faces in Exanima!

    Finally smashing faces in Exanima!
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    Ideas And Questions

    Hi people! I want to start by saying, please excuse my bad English. It is not my first language, and it is not perfect. I'm so happy to finally get the chance to purchase the game, and be part of the forums. This community looks amazing. A lot of respect, and sharing. After a couple of hours...
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    Kicking and the like

    The fun part, is that kicking by itself would become a good technique, and could be balanced with risk over reward. If you try to do a straight kick, but miss, you would fall unbalanced. But if you connect, you would push back, stun or even trip your opponent. Kicking while fighting with a...


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