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    Cool presentation on animaton

    This guy makes it look so damn easy!! :P The power of small develop teams never ceases to amaze me :D
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    Ranged Weapons?

    This sentence confused me for a while. Then I remembered that the internet does not believe in punctuation. ;) I was imagining either launching bits of cake at people, or some variety of cake made from a cow...
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    Easter Eggs

    So, maybe it's nonsensical to create a thread about a topic that by its definition should be kept secret, but I'm wondering what the official take is on easter eggs. Do the devs intend to include any? Or do they feel that they would be immersion breaking and would detract from the otherwise...
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    Inspiring Fear

    I'm with you on this one. I don't think that SG will turn into a horror game, simply because that is not what the devs have in mind. Also, a lot of "cheap" scare tactics (things jumping out at you, for instance) would not work as well in an isometric view. This sounds good too. I do think that...
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    I strongly believe that this game will be worth the wait! Enjoy your holiday! :)
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    Why I haven't backed Sui Generis (yet)

    Just to update, the delay for the public video was caused by fixing the bugs they came across while recording. They now say that the working version is quite stable, which is great news!
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    What Mod Would You Make?

    I wonder if the devs could arrange this. They must have been using something similar to get the original screenshots of the game. I hope they release this feature at some point. I'd never lack inspiration for my desktop wallpapers ever again! :)
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    Running improvements and combat controls

    While this is an old issue, one that I'm sure BME have heard enough about, it is important because so many of the comments on the game have been about how the running looks. Clearly it sticks out like a sore thumb, causing viewers (and eventually players) to look past all the other amazing...
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    Astronaut avatars?!

    @arrob Come to the dark side, we have space cookies! :D
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    Games to Fill the Gap: What you're playing before Sui Generis

    I'm glad to see that some other people have heard of this game. I've been following Michal Marcinkowski (the head developer) since Soldat days. I always liked his style but I could never really get the hang of KAG. Regardless, I'm still supportive and it's nice to see that it's gaining...
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    What Mod Would You Make?

    Great idea for a thread MoonyJello :) and welcome to the forums! I think I'd like to use the engine to make a sci-fi game. Maybe along the lines of Dune, so that the amazing melee combat could be used. Interesting alien-looking architecture, a bunch of different types of clothing styles, and...
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    questions regarding combat

    Welcome to the forums! :) For your first question, check this thread out. For number two: Blocking is automatic when you are not attacking. However, it is up to you to position your body so that the block is effective. Weapons always collide regardless of what you're doing with them. For more...
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    About Controls and various other game mechanics

    Comprehensive key binding options are essential for PC games with any degree of complexity. As fans of PC games, I'm sure BME will include this.
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    Running improvements and combat controls

    I think that's up to you. You can see the single arrow is used when the character is walking, and the double arrow is used when running. I'm fairly certain that there will not be any cases where one or the other would be imposed (for instance, you can only walk indoors). If for any reason...
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    Running improvements and combat controls

    I'm with you on this one. Previously, I was a bit worried because I thought the combat was going to be quite indirect or passive (similar to how blocking and parrying currently is), so the new video is great news! I've been revisiting M&B recently, and SG is starting to sound like Warband on...


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