An Update


Dearest backers,

We promised you a public video but then we got cold feet. We're not very comfortable with showing the game while it's still so far from completion. While we see the progress we've made it's inevitable that people will only see what we haven't done yet, the flaws. Don't worry though, we are actively working towards a video again now.

In general we're focusing much more on big stuff and less on features that can be completed quickly. This is more true now than ever before. While prototyping stuff, doing mockups and just the odd bit here and there is fun, it's actually more harmful than beneficial at this stage. We need to work methodically and make sure we do everything in the most efficient and actually useful way possible.

Currently Madoc is focusing almost entirely on AI. This doesn't mean that today he's doing dodging and tomorrow he's doing some other behaviour, it means he's building the framework that will support all possible actions a character may take so that we can add them later (and do it properly). A lot of time so far has gone into pathfinding, this was postponed from earlier in development in order to focus on tools and systems that were crucial to content development. Pathfinding is quite a complex problem in general but the most effort has been going into having clever pathfinding on just unclassified geometry; without content designers having to specify where or what can be walked on or making predefined paths. This is essential for the large and dynamic game world we're creating. This is not complete yet but it is prototyped and the problems we were most uncertain about have been solved.

As a team we've been fleshing out the game world to the level of detail we need to actually make it. We've been designing a detailed world map, outlining regions, locations and even individual characters. In terms of art we're mostly developing new environments for different regions and settings. These are still incomplete and bare but we'll try to feature some in the upcoming video.

So, expect a video before long, really this time. We're taking some time off the big stuff to polish up a few things and add a couple of cool features even though it's not the best thing for us to be doing right now. Thank you for your patience, you funded this project and you have every right to be kept in the loop, we've been overwhelmed by development work but we do honestly want to make an effort to communicate more with you.

Bare Mettle


Thanks for the update. Keep focusing on working on the game first and foremost.

It would be really great if you guys found a way to have a more regular way of communicating with community (ie: Weekly screenshot), but it's understandable that time constraints are an issue and that you want to be careful with releasing early info that might not be too well received based on what is not yet finished.

Keep it up and good luck!


A lot of people want frequent updates, but truth is they don't actually want them. Most stuff done early in development is really kinda boring for someone who isn't actively working on it. Lots of tuning the depths of the engine and various systems, often entailing a few hours of browsing through code. Hell even if the community was interested, 90% of it wouldn't understand much about it because it requires a good understanding of programming or relatively advanced mathematics (often both). Path-finding for example is one of the most boring things (for most anyway, there are people that like it, but definitely not the kind of stuff you want in promotional media), at least that's what I've been told.

Case point: One of the first livestreams of Planetary Annihilation. At one point the guy working on the path-finding comes on and talks about what boils down to a vector-field being used for path-finding. Sure enough once it's question time, 90% of the questions were either asking about something else (people not very interested in mathematical algorithms) or had misunderstood what he was talking about entirely.

Point is, frequent updates early in development ends up being stuff that only the small percentage of the community that is into programming would understand or be interested in.


Great, hearing everytime that BM is interested even more and more in AI development and trying to perfect is priceless, 95% of games nowadays avoid developing, enhancing AI department and just ignores. They do not think that AI was actually to be one of the most important integral part in a game design.

This update really hit me hard that I can not feel any more happy where SG is going eventhough haven't seen anything for a long time, but thats not necessity obviously.

You guys (and a gal) have solid goals and ready to complete them by pushing the limits beyond possibilities.

Once again want to mention nowadays are maybe the most critical and decisive process that will impact on the future of SG most definitly.



Stop posting walls of text to the forums and get back to work! :mad:

Srsly though I really appreciate all the hard work and look forward to any new piece of info!
The AI development sounds interesting, and I'm glad you solved the problems.
I can't wait to see the detailed world map! :D


Great hearing from you guys again! Love that you are working so hard on the game, and please continue to prioritize it above all else! But we always love getting updates from you. Keep up the good work, and im looking forward to the video! ;)


Awesome. While videos are definitely a nice treat, text like this certainly suffices for the most part in my opinion, so I hope we can look forward to more updates like this!


Thank you for the update! Honesty is awesome. Seriously. If it ain't ready, it ain't, and we the fans will wait 'till it is.

On a funnier note, I can imagine Madoc banging his forehead against the desk every time an NPC doesn't do the pathfinding right.

"Go there! No, THERE! Damn it, that's a lava pool, not your bed!"


Acds's post above hit the nail on the head. As nice as it would be to be "looking over the Devs' shoulders," it would still be true that the majority of the work would be considered "WTF is that?" to the average gamer, and even the bepassioned follower.

Best of luck to the internal development, my fine fellows! May it be as rewarding for you all as it is for us to know that it's being handled by the very best!


I love each and every one of you, thank you for the statement it means alot to all of us members and backers alike, I'm glad to hear the video is in the near future and I'll check in on the next couple of weeks for it to come.

Good luck BM, I'm sure the game is just fantastic and more elegant from what it was in the kickstarter pitching video, keep up the great work ;)


It's the right decision to be cautious about what you show, because the audience is usually ignorant enough to rip you into pieces with nitpicking if a couple of pixels are off.
There are usually few who just take it as it is knowing it's just WIP, but most people seem to have problems with it.

Above all the developers are most critical toward their own work, so if you think you're ready to show things, than things are ready to be shown.


Understand the caution, but every now and then I look to see if there's something new, just a few screenshots of other locations and characters would be good.:D


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