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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kieran, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. grayscaler

    grayscaler Insider

    any news on said update
    normally 2 months isn't "soon"
    i mean i appreciate that you need to take your time with it
    id much rather fewer updates so that then end result is better then the opposite but when you actually come out and say "there will be an update" and 2 months later there still isn't it does leave me a little disgruntled
  2. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Insider

    They've been fixing up issues and making stuff ready for the public video. This update is supposed to give us a better idea of what the full game will be like. The insiders got an update yesterday (and those with video access got a very short dev video), and from the looks of things, it is coming very very soon now.
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  3. fluffydino2000

    fluffydino2000 Insider

    Yeah if I had to guess it'd be sometime this weekend or earlier when the new public video will be out. You can expect a good one too. Think the kickstarter updates early on that had clearly been prepared to tell us more about the game. It'll probably be like that in video form showing all the new and improved features.
  4. Tom

    Tom Insider

    Sui Generis is resembling Blizzard more and more with their Soon(tm) policy :D
  5. Oona

    Oona Insider

    At least BM have something new and innovative to show. :p

    I'm really looking forward to the Alpha. I've devoured every bit of information on SG since Kickstarter, and I'm so pleased with all the dev's posts, updates, and videos. It's so good to know that it's moving forward and becoming more and more complete. A public video is so appropriate now, especially now that the animations are very balanced and look SO amazing, people will really be impressed with it.
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  6. Dorag

    Dorag Member

    Oh that's really nice to hear from a member, I didn't know how amazing they really are until I read your opinion, I ALREADY love them, can't wait! you rock BM! :D
  7. Wonderboy2402

    Wonderboy2402 Supporter

    I hope the update is indeed coming soon, because more then 4,000 of your pledgers are not getting news about the project.
  8. Tom

    Tom Insider

    People are getting news - some of them more than others depending on the pledges. The game doesn't even have an alpha yet, so a full public video is quite an update. Some games out there release tiny bits of news every now and then.

    Here at Sui Generis, we believe in unleashing a gargantuan update all at once.
  9. Pilluminati

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