Exanima version 0.8 lighting bug


Hi! I've just reinstalled Exanima after the last update and i'm noticing a very strange lighting bug.

The lighting seems to be restricted to a perfect circle where it is brightly lit while anything outside it is abuptly pitch black. Both fixed lighting sources and the players torch are affected by this.

The circle of light will also shrink and expand seemingly randomly as the player character moves about. This makes it so that the visibility goes from working as intended to barely being able to see in front of your character even whilst holding the torch. This is also true for fixed light sorces, where some emit lighting fine, some emit a fixed circle of various sizes, and some emit none at all even though they are supposed to.

I have tried reinstalling the game and varifying the game files, yet the problem persists, so I am wondering if anyone has been able to troubleshoot a similar problem here?


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