Kickstarter update #6: Combat Explained, Mostly


Hi all and dev , this is my first post here , beginning with saying how amazing this game seems to be from what i saw , gives me the same feeling i had watching Ultima Online many years ago :D

Now speaking of the video , i'd like to add my sensation on what i saw and maybe something stupid to most but that for me would be really cool:

As you spotted , the animations for now were done by Madoc and are not definitive , BUT having myself experience in fencing etc. , watching the video reminds me of the newcomers who lack the experience or the strenght/technique to handle the sword (or other weapons). The fact is that it is actually REALLY GOOD.

I mean , it's a RPG , so a huge part of it is the growth of the character , And what i never saw in any game ever , was my character actually starting as a dummy and becoming expert at something Visually , i mean, sure you see more attacks , new special moves , he goes faster , the numbers above the heads are higher , BUT the swing or the stab stay put from the start to the end.

So in the end having that kind of clumsy animation at the start of the game , making you feel that you have little experience in what you are doing , and then when you go up and skill up , you see your character is more confident , the movements change in confidence , etc etc. , is perfect , i would have the feeling of taking my charachter through this growth
Hi Maybenot,
Yes - I like your way of thinking! In fact, this is exactly what was the thinking in the "Combat Animations and Levelling" thread. Responses in there may be of some interest to you:


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