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    Surcoats are amazing too, yes !
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    I don't know if Dyes are coming, but in meanwhile I'l setting my merchant to find only aspirant clothes, I buy every Red/Blue coats, whatever the quality... I'm now able to have all my characters with the same color, whatever their rank. And it is pretty helpfull in 3v3, not to mention classy :)
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    There are always ways to not make ranged weapons overpowered. I see two ways : -Allow Npcs to be able to be aware if you aim at them ( if they see you ), and either make them try to dodge ( no idea how tho ), or make them rush you in an erratic way. Really hard to code I imagine. -Limit the...
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    I truly love this one ! It also seems very good to protect the neck. Is that Sallet or Bassinet helm ? Nvm my medievalness is too polluted by video games... I don't know what I'm saying.
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    Add jumping

    Sure yeah jump would be pretty hard to create and balance, it would also possibly allow too many cheap tactics, but it still sounds quite fun. But what doesn't ? On Steam forums someone asked if it was possible to play as a Beast in the arena... With that good physics a lot of things would be...
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    For now levels play in order, but at some point I assume it's going to be less linear, with for example possibility to go in multiple different levels from a single level. Shortcuts between levels could help.
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    Add jumping

    Thanks for the nightmares... ;)
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    I punch my merchant a lot, better training than dummies. He's kind enough to sell me items and not leave... yet.
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    Character falling.

    Aye I fall a lot more trying to croutch and do a wide arc. Maybe that's intended to limit the abuse on shield users ? I doubt it tho.
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    Add jumping

    One of the things I could spend hours in GTA was to jump and go boulder on random people, cars, bridges... It's really fun with good physics, could be great in Exanima. Also a quite risky move, if the opponent don't fall with you, you'll get hit. Would A.I use jumps too ? Maybe that would be...
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    It would be fun that one day he punches back ;)
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Earth is flat. I've got many many more messages than you, so it must be true.
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    R.I.P I've been there too.
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    Meet Crixus. Being a great source of income for the ludus, I just bought him a brand new and polished plate armour, but after we beated an adept beast, we went drunk to celebrate... Wine, mead, hydromel... The party was kind of crazy. At some point Crixus and Carpropophus had an argument, this...
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    We won, but I felt unconcious 1 sec before then finished it x) Nope, only 1 merchant.


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