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    Invulnerable shield-wielding arm

    Broken, or just realistic? In real life, fighting close-quarters without a shield is idiotic.
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    I'm really excited to see what they do with dialogue - I'd like to see it entirely text-based presuming that dialogue will be generated with many many input factors. Maybe a short "Hello" or greeting for each character so that we get an idea for their tone/demeanor when they're interacted...
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    A bit of autism about rolles, balance and character anatomy justice.

    Aside from all the blah blah, archers were probably had the strongest upper body strength of anyone on the battlefield because they had to pull and hold 120+ pound warbows. I also don't think that having a strong build would make you any slower realistically. It would be nice if every character...
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    Sui Generis abandoned?

    Exanima is the framework/engine/mechanics, once it's completed they simply just need to add content, which is probably the easiest and quickest part, and by the looks of the initial SG trailer they have a lot of assets which simple need to be added ito build the gameworld.
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    More tabs.

    You can sell items. ;)
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    First Arena Spectator Reporting In. Get tickets from your local Ogre.

    I'd love to get myself launched over the railing to explore... I know what I'll be doing for the next few hours hahaha.
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    I'd say that's a pretty simple fix, Devs should definitely include that in a patch!
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    Poll: Are shields wielded by hostile NPCs too effective?

    Shield do exactly what they're supposed to - protect the user. The effectiveness of shields in the game is realistic, although some shield-vs-shield tactics would be great. In real life a shield user would win over someone without a shield the majority of the time.
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    I think only the initial backers of the game get insider privelages, although I too would kill for a way in. Nearly clocked 250 hours in this game, would buy again just for insider status :P
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    Slow-Motion in Arena? Thaumaturgy!?!?!?!?

    I just experienced the same thing, Inept tier Doubles match.
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    Absolutely perfect timing for my all-nighter! Massive cheers Madoc, this game is shaping up to be a true masterpiece. Stay true to your vision!
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    Suggestion for Alternative victory to death/blacking out.

    I think it's a great idea, I imagine in SG it would be a good thing to spare the lives of NPC's you've defeated.
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    Eye level recording camera

    Yeah it depends on how it's saved. If it's saved as snapshots of skeletons then it would work easily because the physics wouldn't even be implemented, it would just appear so. The only way it might not work is if the replay is based on commands (so like, key press ^ at this time for this long...
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    Anyone got tips for killing "The Beast" in Adept rank? I've managed to kill the Novice one but geeze, this one's tough.
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    Eye level recording camera

    Ragdoll physics processing can still differ from machine to machine, there was a game I played once (some sort of physics/building/puzzle game) where some of the uploaded creations (automated ones, no keyboard input) wouldn't work properly, or took one or two tries to work properly.


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