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    Combat: Q, E, X plus Mouse

    That would take up important keybinds (needed for thaumaturgy, archery, etc.) for something that doesn't really benefit the game, as you can do whatever you want with mouse inputs already. Using Q and E or any other key would also make it very awkward to move and swing at the same time. For...
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    A limit to how much containers (including the player's inventory) can carry was added recently, but it's UI representation isn't implemented yet.
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    Spam in general discussions

    I feel like this could probably be solved by disallowing links in a user's first post, suspending the account if they try more than once. Users could be warned of this rule when they make the account but spammers would probably ignore it and get banned. Although I do believe that some of the...
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    I feel ripped off and sad about Sui Generis

    Just FYI much of SG's content has already been made, and it's just a matter of getting the major features in place before there can be a closed alpha/beta. Things like thaumaturgy, NPCs with dialogue, etc need to be programmed first. This shouldn't take as long as the more back-end stuff that...
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    That took some time, alright...

    Spam bots frequent this forum for some reason or another. They sneak through the captchas to the point where it's almost like someone has hired actual people to make fraudulent accounts and post spam here.
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    It hasn't. Those were posted in the Beam chat over the course several days, and someone from the beam chat collected them all and posted them in the steam forums afterwards. Tony also posted the latest of those screenshots here in the forums.
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    [ISSUE] Peformance drop in Arena

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    [ISSUE] Peformance drop in Arena

    This is a known issue. It should resolve itself if you remove all headgear from your defeated opponents. I've never noticed it staying after I exit the match however so this might be a different bug.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Lars Andersen looks like an idiot when he flails around in the air with his bow.
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    Buying into insiders / beta stream

    No offense was meant, it was just harmless banter. The whole "plebs" thing is rather common in this game's community and isn't meant to be demeaning. If you really care about my opinion on the topic, I'll quote myself from another thread:
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    That's because you're already a supporter. People who haven't donated and gotten supporter or higher status cannot upgrade their accounts.
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    Sad update...

    This thread really did not need to be necro'd :confused:
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    How to upgrade computer to handle this game.

    This game can usually run on potatoes, so your computer should at least be able to maintain 60fps on a 1080p monitor. Check to make sure Super Sampling is turned all the way off, as it is by far the most intensive graphics option. If that doesn't work, check to see if you have any programs...


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