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    Characters physical attributes?

    A super buff individual would certainly have an easier time with a sledge hammer, but an end heavy object will never move as fast as or in a manner at all similar to a sword. Let's not get too crazy with physical attributes. :p
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    Sad update...

    *Slow, raspy exhale as my entire brain becomes a single tumor* This is a public forum, there is a very high probability that they have read and have a complete understanding of this conversation. In fact, I am confident that they understand exactly what is going on here.
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    I told myself I was taking a break until ranged weapons or thaumaturgy were added, but man! Thrusts are so fun! First thing, went to practice in the arena, stabbed the dude in the face and it was over. Glorious. Definitely feels more responsive. Update: Attempts to access the full Arena or...
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    Sad update...

    Consider that older games tended to be harder because they were smaller and didn't have as much content. There's also a difference between hard and punishing, which the devs must take into account. What is the purpose of this thread exactly? If the devs devote time to making a harder mode they...
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    Sad update...

    The KO system isn't going away, so instead talking about how much it ruins the game can the upset party please suggest a change to make it better before this thread gives me cancer?
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    The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

    When I saw that Skall had played it I may or may not have released a rather ungentlemanly scream......and once more when I saw that BareMettle commented on the video. Today is a good day.
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    Well there goes my plan for.............don't worry about it.
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    As an insider I can confirm that this is 100% accurate, and I refuse to be privy to this any longer.
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    Overhead swings: are they what they are all cracked up to be ?

    Seeing gameplay just confirms for me that my computer is fail. Combat in the arena for me is at maybe 65% speed, and overheads take about 2 seconds to complete so I never use them except on downed enemies. Physics also get weird at that speed, swings have a tendency to turn my character around...
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    Somehow I got into the labyrinth and to leave now I can not somebody faced such

    I know, this one just surprised me. On the other hand I'm not sure how much of my experience was a bug; People were talking about jamming portculi open and any object I used (large beams, chairs) would just phase through them.
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    Somehow I got into the labyrinth and to leave now I can not somebody faced such

    I just pulled down the levers one at a time and kept the leftmost lever held down until the system reset. It looks like there are multiple ways that work, which is awesome.
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    Ranged Weapons?

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    Ranged Weapons?

    Sorry if I got a little too rowdy there. :) I do think that sound design will be very important where it comes to bows, mostly because I'm not sure how much the devs would be able to do visually. Like you mentioned, the rasp of the arrow against wood would do a lot tone-wise. I also think the...
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    Ranged Weapons?

    1: Can people please stop talking about bows creaking? It hurts my brain. ;_; Bows don't creak. 2: I would absolutely love to pimp out my character with 2 wheel - lock pistols just for the style points. By the by, from my limited research wheel - lock mechanisms had a 1/4 chance of misfire and...
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    Welcome to the Black Rose Tavern

    I was pretty much waiting for the plotlines to further themselves. The off-topic post I started about weapons for review didn't get any traffic so I haven't updated it. (Also, still trying to figure out who made one of the items) Tis what will happen in a forum such as this.


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