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    Coffee Diary - 29/8/22

    For each update I will burn a Russian politician attached to a pole and give poop soaked paper-cuts to Chinese nationalists. For each new Coffee Diary post updating the stupid fucking twisty ballerina dance thing that my character likes to do when I try to level the camera and mouse so that I...
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    Shit levels

    It sounds like you suck Sirs BBC finger bro, get some poon from your wife and then play arena. no point in playing story. it's a $14 game but at least you can replay arena and it has good ass physics for the money, get well fecal excreter.
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    Coffee Diary 2/8/21

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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Why can't I chop sir's leg off?
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    Exanima Beta

    Finish the game or I will dead your cat.


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