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    Update imminent!

    Always nice to see official updates and more in-depth development info sharing. A lot of us already have plenty of context from the discussions that take place on Discord, but thanks for taking the time to do an official write-up :)
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    Error loading images in the media section

    Yup same for me where the thumbnails load but when clicking them I get a server error.
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    Some of the micro-patches aren't necessarily distributed everywhere for all formats, so it's likely that the site DRM-free version is a little behind. You might find the latest version on the Discord channel, but usually those kind of small patches is just .exe replacement.
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    I'm all for darkness negatively impacting the player's ability to perform optimally, I just don't like that it's so complicated to mitigate and doesn't affect the AI. Hardware cheating aside (eg: Increasing Brightness/Contrast/Gamma) it's just too easy to quickly drop a torch on the ground...
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    Exanima-Pixels Attack

    Haha nice find
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    Nice quick turnaround for a patch with a couple of cool additions :D
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    A continued stream of nice and steady improvements and additions to an already fun game. There's still a lot of fun to be had with what we have, but really looking forward to future additions like Thaumaturgy and dialogue :)
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    So I just discovered the broom in the arena

    Haha nice catch, I'll give it a try later.
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    Guard stances.

    The devs already talked about looking into having optional alternate stances. It would mostly be to mix things up at the high levels of play for skilled players. It's not a priority though, so I wouldn't expect it for a while.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    For now you can just turn on and off combat mode (TAB) and it'll close all UI windows. It's not elegant, but at least it works.
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    [Glitch] Clone weapons in the arena

    Yeah there's a bunch of glitches in the Arena that duplicate armor and weapons. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon as it's killing my drive to progress and gear up all my combatants
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    With the new Shield skills and Shield item stats it's actually a big buff overall. Shields are much more efficient when combining offence and defence, but now hitting someone who has their shield up is actually a viable strategy and not a waste of time.
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    Spear and shield

    Being able to have one handed spears and combine them with shields would indeed be very cool. Hopefully that's something that gets added eventually.
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    On the Subject of Axes...

    The only Axe I've found a use for is the big two handed one, but there are a bunch of similarly effective weapons so it doesn't stand out much. Once we get the ability to pull back the weapon to hock the enemy and trip him up I expect axes will become a lot more viable than they currently are.
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    For Exanima Madoc mentioned on the 'What's Next?' steam thread that one of the features they want to add to Exanima is a "Reputation and morale system". So it's possible that in some form your Reputation idea will make it into Exanima, and be extended to Sui Generis.


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