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    Exanima looks like a significant update. No matter, if we get the big update on GoG, it will be fine.
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    You're right, I'm not sure where I got the impression that it was only a couple of months. Even worse!
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    Folks, I love this game, and I'm waiting patiently for its release. However, there needs to be a solution for the GOG problem: I bought the game on GOG, and updates seem to have stopped there completely. In the past, they used to take a few days, that was fine. But now has been out for...
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    What's taking so long?

    Looks great! Looking forward to it.
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    Thanks! That worked!
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    Thanks! I can't update, though. Even though I ran it as Admin, I get "Cannot locate game files", and a logfile saying "Cannot read registry". I'm on
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    Hm, hasn't hit yet, are we going to see this one there at least?
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    Because if what you released has a bug, you can't fix it until Monday, or you'll have to go to work during the weekend to fix it. So, either customers will remain unsatisfied for the entire weekend, or you'll relinquish your rest. It isn't worth the risk.


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