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    Slight Coordination Dyslexia.

    Need to stop playing while holding spacebar. The game isn't made to be played this way. Just have to practice without using spacebar.
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    I want to be able to roll when downed.

    With how fast Sir is, rolling probably isn't going to help much. That said rolling and crawling, would eventually be nice. Tumbling though, that is a no-no.
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    I want to be able to roll when downed.

    yes you have to fight him differantly
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    [Suggestion] Prefix confusion

    so confirmed from madoc light modifier actually reduces both the defensive stats AND encumbrance, while heavy does the opposite. That said light armour may become more desirable when more skills are in the game and taking any or all the encumbrance skills isn't achievable.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    I did that too, and I'd never noticed that. It's kinda awesome.
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    Regarding Level 4

    yes. The exits right now are "disabled".
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    [lvl 4 spoiler] as a gamer ,one of the happiest moments of my life

    As "fun" as that is, I don't think the hole will be there forever, it's original intention was to commit suicide for the player. While killing it like that, is kinda in the spirit of the game, I don't think Sir is actually supposed to quite that "stupid". But until then I'll drop him in the hole...
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    Am i missing something?

    It's not released yet. Still in testing.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Don't think the world has those in it.
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    User interface.

    yeah play again wont be a thing as evy fight after the next patch will be unique
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    T is for torch

    BM already said they don't want to have "fuel". They don't like games that you're running around "collecting" the whole time. Also they don't want the game to be "gated" by mechanisms like that. More/different light sources would be nice though.
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    Linus Fredrick's Lair? (lore spoilers)

    Wait.... Are we already roleplaying? I passed my move silently check, and my hide in shadows.
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    Linus Fredrick's Lair? (lore spoilers)

    Not necessarily. You assume you have time to make either of the things happen, and you know it's coming. Don't choke. The only absolute is there are no absolutes.
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    While I love this idea. I don't think undead can really be KOed. It's magic that keeps them moving on, as far as we know they don't sleep, when they take enough damage to become dormant it's probably safe to assume the magic has left them, not that they are unconscious. Living things...
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    The level 4

    He's known to bug badly and basically all the time if you go into the bathrooms. I wasn't claiming you were trying to abuse this, I simply stated taking him the bathrooms won't work as well in the future. I didn't assume anything, just stated (more for other people) that it probably won't work...


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