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    Exanima 0.6 Released

    I hope it's related to some form of communication as it's one of the aspects an RPG should have when it comes to interacting with the world. Even some rudimentary system would do, as long as it allows player and AI to share "ideas" between them. Complex dialogues and voiced lines (as nice as...
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    Wasn't that for Sui Generis?
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    I'm giving up on the game

    Um, no. Ranged weapons served different purposes. You could hit an animal from a distance. You could fire at an enemy from the castle walls. It had nothing to do with "the randomness of melee combat" (which wasn't random at all, unless we talk about people who didn't know how to fight)...
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    [Suggestion]impossible arena

    There has been no exact ETA other than "in the next update". It's understandable as setting any kind of schedule is asking for trouble as soon as update gets delayed for whatever reason. Sometimes it's better to avoid that kind of situations and throw in some updates on the progress in the...
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    Visual Contrast and Tone in play

    I can agree that darkness can be annoying (especially for players who use shield or two-handers) and there should be a way to let us navigate this aspect better (like allowing us to hold a torch and two-handed weapon while not in combat, a way to switch weapons/torch without the need to go to...
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    Exanima story

    This rises a question: why would necromancers rise the dead if not for studying and if they couldn't be able to control them?
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    Still a techdemo?

    What's the point of having dreams if you do not try to make them into reality? But that requires some work...
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    I can't really imagine talking during combat. I mean, how could you control yourself in combat, while picking up dialogue options at the same time? Perhaps voice commands could be the way, but then again such systems are not too reliable (although There Came an Echo is a step in the correct...
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    Still a techdemo?

    Then go and make one. People who wish something but do nothing are people who don't really want to do what they keep themselves saying they wish to be doing. Otherwise they'd be already working on making their wish reality.
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    Exanima story

    My suspicion is that with the death of the God (Gods?) souls of the dead are wandering the astral plane and because of this it's possible to bind them with thaumaturgy to lifeless bodies, thus creating what we know as zombies. Skeletons are the next logical step: after sufficient enough time...
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    Exanima story

    I am not entirely certain we can attribute all scrolls to same persons we know of. Remember the scroll in the Mental Ward (and a book describing "animal" bite marks, etc.)? I think it could've been from one of the patients who has been resurrected. It could be helpful to know if we have...
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    so the... Troll

    Expecting a reward for killing it would only encourage people to kill it, while avoiding it is the better part of valor. Not everything needs to have something. The only reason skeletons and zombies have anything is because they need items to be potential threat (especially later on).
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    That must be a really big zoom, otherwise I can easily see problems trying to equip some smaller items.
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    Thoughts and Ideas General

    By "paper-doll" do you mean the character on the left side of the inventory panel?
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    so the... Troll

    I used the pit to kill it, but why you guys call it "Sir"? Did you find a lore fragment that I didn't?


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